Wednesday, 27 July 2011


My fascination with the zoo remains strong.  This week I have the pleasure* of having my new Godchildren to look after while my sister is at work and so yesterday, along with No2 and my friend and her two boys, we went to London Zoo.  As Friends of the ZSL, No2 and I get four free tickets per year so we actually had a fairly reasonably priced day out.

Unlike the six children in tow, I could watch the animals for hours.  Here's a few of my favourites...

The expressions and mannerisms of the gorillas are wonderful.

Their hands, with their dexterity, I find so engaging.

There is a new penguin pool now, with some deeper water and underwater viewing portholes.  I can't resist a penguin either.

The spider monkeys in Animal Adventure were very close to the pathways this time and were busy snacking.

The meerkats were on the look-out.

And the camels were never taught that it was bad manners to eat with their mouths open.

*that's irony, just in case you were wondering.  Or sarcasm.  You decide!


  1. Lovely photos - those are some of my favourite animals too.

  2. Oh, the gorilla - what a lovely chap!

  3. I love gorillas too. Brilliant photos.

  4. Your photos are superb! ZSL is on our 'to do' list (especially since I discovered we can get there by canal boat from Paddington).

  5. These are fantastic photos. Thanks for sharing.
    Anne xx

  6. Oh your photos are amazing! K x


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