Friday, 22 July 2011

FWQAL week 8...

Here are my blocks for week 8 of the Farmers Wife Quilt-a-long.

It seemed wrong not to fussy cut this cute bird and nest.

I couldn't resist using both of these brown prints together either.

This mosaic shows all my sixteen blocks to date.  My other fabrics arrived today and so I am looking forward to introducing the other colours from the line.  It is looking predominantly red at the moment.


  1. Oh, how cheery they all look put together!!

  2. I love your quilt how it is looking now. Looking forward to seeing more. :)
    Anne xx

  3. The colours in your blocks are looking great! I have only done half a dozen, so I am a bit behind.

    Pomona x

  4. That looks really lovely and all put together - great colour choice.

    Nina x

  5. Which method did you use for block 88? I am trying to do it using a rotary cutter, but struggling with the maths. What are the measurements of the pieces. Thank you


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