Saturday, 16 July 2011

A finished object...

Another item I can tick off my list of UFO's.

I actually started this cushion last year when I was on holiday in Portugal!  I'm not really sure why I stopped hooking it because I was loving the colour combinations.

It came out of my hibernation a week or so ago and it has been amongst other projects on the worktable.

I took a bit of chance in my method of making it into a cushion and ended up tacking it to a piece of leftover quilt backing so that I wouldn't make a hash of machining it together with the back of the cushion.

The extra bits of the hexagons are just tucked inside and virtually unnoticeable from the front.  Pattern from here.

I like this shape cushion and it is snuggled nicely in amongst the others on the sofa in the conservatory.

I'd like to make two more smaller cushions to replace the original sofa ones at either end but for now, two more projects have taken priority.  More of which soon.


  1. Oh it's gorgeous! And so perfectly matched with the other cushions. You're a color (and crochet) genius.

    K x

  2. It looks so at home on your sofa - and Kristina's right. You really do have great colour sense.

  3. That is gorgeous, Tracy! You make such wonderful things.

  4. Oh it's beautiful, in fact, your collection of cushions looks beautiful.

  5. Very attractive and I like the purple in the background of the hexagons. I tried crocheting hexagons for a laptop bag, and they looked wonky. I'll use your pattern you recommended and see if they turn out the way they are supposed to.

    Nice pillows and pictures, too.

  6. Glorious colours - my elder daughter is making covetous eyes at it too!

  7. Your cushion looks fabulous amongst the others! Lucy x

  8. That looks fab - and I love the colours.

    Nina x


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