Friday, 15 July 2011

FWQAL Weeks 3–7…

I’m a happy bunny now!  I have completed a total of 14 blocks and so I have managed to catch up with everyone on this fab quilt-a-long!


Block 34 Flock


There hasn’t really been any one reason for which blocks I’ve been making.  Some of them are as they appear in the order of the book.  Others are ones that I thought were easy to do, so good to do as catch-ups.


Block 46 Hill and valley


And then others, have been made as a combination of easy and more difficult blocks.  It has depended what I’ve felt like on the day!


Block 51 Hovering birds


I managed to find a honeybun of this now out-of-print line of fabric online which I decided to buy, reneging on my previous plan of using co-coordinating fabrics from my stash.  The honeybun is only 1 1/2 “ wide, but having looked through the templates, there are plenty that I can use with such a small amount of fabric.  I’m looking forward to including some of the other colours in to the blocks now.


Block 2 Autumn tints


I have to confess to a bit of wastage with these limited fabrics from last week’s struggles!


Block 4 Basket weave


Block 61 Northern lights


Block 5 Bat wing


Block 69 Practical orchard


I’m staggered at how many members there are now in this group.  Check out some more of the amazing interpretations in the Flickr group.

My next job is to make a mosaic of my blocks so far to see how they are looking together.


  1. Blimey, you have been busy! Will look forward to seeing them all together.

  2. your blocks are gorgeous! love the fabric!

  3. I've been enjoying your blog for a while but it seems a bit selfish to read and never post a thanks! These quilted squares are lovely, and I really like the autumnal colours. Couldn't attempt such a feat at my stage in life - too little time (babies!) and too little sewing skill (but I'm working on it), so I will have to vicariously follow your quilt making instead.

  4. this is so pretty, gorgeous colours!

  5. I love these fabric combinations, so I'm so happy you managed to find a bit more. And would love to see the mosaic! K x


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