Friday, 8 July 2011

FWQAL progress…

So, everywhere else it is week 6 but I’m only in my second week and there’s been some catching up to do.  Last week, after the success of my first two blocks, I managed to get another two made.  Easier than the first two!


Block 20 Churn dashBlock 21 Contrary wife


I was on a roll with the hst’s!

This week, I decided to have another look and see what Carla was up to so I could learn from her again.

I struggled! For a long time and plenty of mistakes were made and more than plenty of unpicking was done.


FWQAL unpicking


There may have been a bit of this being said too at some point!  Then I decided (after about 2 hours…) that maybe I should use the templates. 


Laminating templates


I think the back shows just how difficult I found this block to construct. Even now, it is not perfect and I may make it again at some time, but for now, I needed to move on from it!


FWQAL block back


This week’s blocks are done and I have done some serious catching up to do too.  Rushing now as I have a train to catch!


Block 79 Silver Lane


Block 24 Country path


  1. I have been hand sewing mine - at least hand stitching is easier to unpick! Your blocks look lovely, very neat - and this week I gave in and used a template, too! Maybe Silver Lane will be one of the blocks I miss ...

    Pomona x

  2. I know that it will be beautiful . I have no understanding of quilting but love quilts all the same. And yours in particular.

  3. don't get me starting on the whole 'accuracy' thing.

    I've given up on perfection. I'm hoping that there will be so many blocks that a few cut off triangle points won't be too noticeable.

    Lots of swearing from me too.


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