Saturday, 11 December 2010

11 :: A start…

The box is out of the loft.

Christmas decs box

A quick check through sees everything I need to make a start.

Christmas lights boxes

Little by little, I think, this year.

Christmas decs in box

Memories have been stirred.

Christmas snow globe

Mince pies have been made.

Mince pie recipe

For sustenance, of course.

Mincemeat (2)


Have you started?  Or finished, perhaps?


  1. We were planning to decorate today but Tiny Small started throwing up around 8pm yesterday and by this morning none of us was in the mood.

    If we're all well tomorrow we may try again then. I HATE waiting to find out whether any of us are going to catch cothe bug ...

  2. You look very organized. Is that your homemade mince pie filling?! K x

  3. Box, singular???! Half my blooming loft seems to be Christmas Stuff. But this year, I went to put it all out and had the biggest urge to be a little more minimal.

    I'm half done. There are many boxes to be put back up in the loft. Some empty, some not so much.

  4. Started, but only just - our box of decorations is still residing in the loft. I shall eeek things out this week and then the house will be blasted with tinsel and glitter next weekend after the last day of school!


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