Saturday, 18 December 2010

18 :: Cards… done…

At last!  It feels as though I have actually done something productive for Christmas.


merry chiristmas labels

My cards have been made…


Christmas card making

From the scrap basket…

Christmas ornament card (2)

Inspired from here


Tree cards


We had snow.  A lot of snow.  In a very short space of time.

My plans for a weekend of carefully planned festive preparation are verging on disaster!  I have felt very pleased with myself by organising my Christmas food shop to be delivered tonight… but I have just had a call to say they are running THREE HOURS late and they should be here before 1am.  1am!!! 

My Christmas tree is currently snowed in the garage instead of making the living room twinkly. 

Perhaps tomorrow, I can plead with No2 to help me clear a path so I can bring it in then… but to be fair, he is feeling very under the weather and has been for almost 2 weeks now.

So now I've got three hours to kill.  I could do my ironing or wrap some presents or do some embroidery or make a tiramisu or some mince pies for the freezer…


  1. Oh yes, the snow...

    we are meant to leave early Monday morning... but we don't know if the airport/flight will work on that day. I've just wrapped my last present (phew) and I feel totally exhausted!

    I'd go to bed and set the alarm if I were you...

  2. oohh those cards are gorgeous! Hope you get your shopping sooner rather than later and that you all feel better sonon.

  3. Lovely cards!

    Still, at least the lovely Ocado man is going to try - I live in fear of them phoning to say they can't make it at all ...

  4. Great cards T, love the bright colours! Only two more hours....!

  5. I hope you chose embroidery over ironing! Cards look beautiful.

  6. Oh I love your cards! Absolutely gorgeous. And I hope Ocado arrived before 1 am--eeek.

    K x

  7. These cards are just up my street. Gorgeous.

  8. Goodness, those cards are WONDERFUL! I just love them.

    We are snowbound in London rather than partying with the family in Oxfordshire - so sad. But we have plenty of cake and some twinkly lights, so life isn't too bad!

    What time did the food appear in the end?!

  9. I hope your shopping arrived eventually. Your cards are beautiful.

  10. Love those cards. We're still awaiting the delivery of online shopping parcels (might end up giving rolls of wrapping paper as gifts) but at least there are mince pies in the freezer. Hope No 2 feels better soon.

  11. Your cards are wonderful! I was never so pleased to see a Tesco delivery as when the driver got through to me yesterday ... thought I'd been so efficient ordering everything in a week before Christmas! x

  12. lovely cards. well done for making them all... oh and the snow.... us too , hope you have had a cozy weekend though.
    ginny x


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