Thursday, 2 December 2010

2 :: The Kitchen Table…

This morning when I ventured out to go food shopping, I was unable to resist buying these ornamental cabbages and lilies.


December table centre (2)

Equally, I couldn’t resist buying this tray at the Christmas shopping event I went to last week.  Initially, I thought it would be perfect to put my paperwhites on when I bring them inside in the New Year, but it seems a shame to let it wait for another month to enjoy it.


December table centre

Now that we are in December, I feel the need to make a start on some seasonal decoration and what better than Clementine's?  Or gingerbread scented candles?


It is creating a splash of colour right in the hub of my home.  And created exactly the right feeling for a cosy dinner with friends and family tonight.


  1. Oh what a perfect seasonal display! I adore ornamental cabbages. Sadly we only have the eating variety...

    K x

  2. More lovely colour. Love the ornamental cabbages, they always look so good!

  3. I love your festive arrangement!

  4. Once December's here I light the christmas scented candles too. Love your arrangement.

  5. Looks gorgeous and very festive. Enjoy your cosy dinner tonight!

  6. What a gorgeous display - pleasing to all the senses.

  7. how have I let gingerbread candles pass me by? How? cinnamon and orange I have. Gingerbread I do not. Rubbish.x


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