Sunday, 12 December 2010

12 :: Bokeh…

I have a fixation for capturing this type of blur and my Christmas lights are the perfect subject.


Pink and purple bokeh (3)

Pink and purple bokeh (4)


Garland bokeh


Red bokeh 

White bokeh


  1. That's a new-to-me word! Love, love, love the effect.
    D x

  2. Funky! And very proud of myself I knew the word (I had to look it up this time last year). K x

  3. I love those shots too, but am oh so bad at taking them. Don't suppose you'd like to let me in on your secret?

  4. They're wonderful and very festive - kind of like the effect that you get after your christmas dinner, having downed a bottle of wine and three glasses of port!


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