Sunday, 5 December 2010

5 :: Selfridges…

Having worked at the opposition for many years, I feel absolutely no disloyalty in admitting that my favourite of the big London stores is Selfridges.  They seem to be able to have fun the whole year round in their visual merchandising and that, I love.

I don’t get an awful lot of pleasure in admiring the designer collections but it was fun to see No2 and his friend looking in disbelief at a mobile phone that cost over £100,000!  Can you imagine dropping that one in the bath?

Today, I made the necessary but unwise decision to venture into the West End.  It was hell on earth but this amazing display in Selfridges made it well worth the visit.  The glitter balls were on pulleys and were moving up and down this vast stair well. 



Add some fun Christmas music and I almost forgot the crowds.  Rather boringly, my main purchase other than a jacket for No2, was an iron!  I have killed mine trying to descale it… not good when you’re in the middle of a Christmas craft marathon.


  1. A wonderful photo of the giant baubles!!! I have not been up to Selfridges in years. I think I like the food hall most of all! x

  2. Oh my goodness, moving disco balls! Puts our parochial shop displays to shame.

    We did Cambridge yesterday morning and that was bad enough ...

  3. Selfridges is my favourite London store closely followed by Liberty and John Lewis. I Don't go to London shopping often enough!

  4. You're brave venturing into the fray of christmas shoppers like that! Looks like their display was worth it though and great for getting you in the Christmas spirit.

  5. Oh how gorgeous! Kingston might be bearable if it had more displays like that. K x

  6. Thanks for sharing the glitter balls, they look amazing.


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