Sunday, 19 December 2010

19 :: Twinkle…

My shopping arrived at 1am, on the dot.  I felt so sorry for the driver – he must have had a horrendous day but he was still smiling as delivered my shopping!  No2 and I carried it into the kitchen, put the fridge and freezer stuff away and left the rest until this morning!

In case you are interested, I did the ironing, made the tiramisu (I must post this recipe one day.  It was given to me by an Italian lady who lived next door to my friend when she lived in Warwick.  It is heavy on grappa, but oh, so good), wrapped a few presents and did some hand-quilting to while away the hours!


Christmas tree lights bokeh (2)

My Christmas tree is now in the living room and I spent a leisurely afternoon decorating it after clearing the car and drive of 8 inches of snow.  That’s a lot of snow for London.


Christmas gold bauble

At last, I have some twinkle.


Christmas tree in evening

When my parents moved house they gave me a couple of boxes of old books that belonged to my uncle’s father.  I decided to use them to decorate my fireplace.  I had put a couple on the mantle a couple of weeks ago and so added some more to the hearth.


Christmas fireplace


Some of the titles are quite intriguing.  I think I might read them and better myself.


Old red books

I am enjoying sitting here by candlelight, listening to my latest teenage tendency that has been on repeat for some time now.


Fireplace detail

Fireplace pinecones


I have lit my orange and clove candles and the room is filled with a Christmas aroma.  Just wish I’d made some more mince pies… perhaps tomorrow.


Living room fireplace


  1. Oh Tracy, what a gorgeous, serene scene.

    Here we're dealing with the aftermath of snow (6 inches - not as much as you but still an unprecedented amount for South Cambs) and a children's craft party. I am planning some light knitting as therapy. Or possibly just wine.

  2. what a lovely atmospheric decoration. We're still taking it one day at a time, but the tree at least is now up.

  3. All calm, all bright, all beautiful.

    I drove home from north of Newcastle today. That's a lot of snow-miles.

  4. Your house looks stunning! I can't believe that the delivery came at 1am! I am sure I would have missed him knocking at the door. I would have been fast asleep!!!

  5. Your room looks wonderful - I love those books in the fireplace. I have an image just like that first one, waiting to be uploaded to Flickr! x

  6. My shopping is due to be delivered on the 23rd, hope the snow situation has improved by then. Your Christmas decorations look lovely.

  7. Oh what a beautiful tree and I love all those candles glowing.
    Have a wonderful Christmas.
    Anne xx

  8. What a lovely home, it's so inviting. I have always loved peeking at other's Christmas trees ever since I was at infant school and walked home past loads of them.

  9. Oh it all looks so magical. And I love your idea with the books. K x

  10. Such a lovely Christams room. I would love the recipe when you have time.

  11. Your tree looks stunning and I love what you've done with the hearth. All is calm...

  12. You did a great job with the decorating. I haven't lit the scented candles yet but have Jethro Tull's Ring Out Solstice Bells on continuous play

  13. Such a beautiful, atmospheric, Christmassy post! I love the idea of using the old books like that - they look wonderful with the candles.
    Helen x


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