Wednesday, 8 December 2010

8 :: Imagine…

Celia asked if anyone could remember where they were 30 years ago when the news of John Lennon’s murder came through on the news.

Strawberry Fields NYC

I was on the school bus going to a netball match.  It was about 9.30am and I remember being absolutely stunned.  For some years, I had had posters of John Lennon on my bedroom wall rather than the newer faces of the music scene in 1980 (I can’t even remember who they would have been).  Music was a very influential part of my upbringing as my parents were huge music lovers and The Beatles and in particular, John Lennon were at the top of their charts.

Only a few years earlier, I can vividly remember my Mum locking herself in the bathroom on the news of the death of Elvis.


Strawberry Fields NYC close-up


When I last visited New York in 2007, I wanted to visit Strawberry Fields in Central Park to see the memorial dedicated to John Lennon.  I will always remember that I did.


  1. I remember Elvis dying .. I got home from school and my dad was at the window with a paper looking distraught... my mum said "what's the matter?" and he said, showing her the headline "The King is dead". He was very sad. Infact, It's probably the most sad I ever saw him save from when his dad died. .. I remember it clear as day, but I can't remember what I was doing when Lennon died .. hmm...

  2. I can't remember what I was doing when John Lennon died although I was shocked to realise it was thirty years ago - it doesn't seem that long.

  3. I was watching tv, I was ten and my mum was ironing in the lounge with me.

    During the news my mum was totally shocked and then got out her old records to 'teach' me who John Lennon was.


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