Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Right now...

  • I am enjoying this tiny bit of sunshine we have had in the last couple of days and the way it make the colour of the flowers in the garden more intense.

  • I am making room in my day for a little meditative knitting and my new shawl is coming on very nicely.

  • I am reading this, as recommended by Nancy, and am loving it already and I'm only a couple of chapters in. It fits in beautifully with Sue's post about the very same subject.

  • I am embracing new colours on my feet.

  • I am machine-quilting my first queen-sized quilt. My arms are killing me.

  • I am rewarding myself with jugfuls of daisies that have mysteriously appeared all over my front garden. Thank you Mother Nature.

Monday, 18 June 2012

On and off the sticks...

I find I enjoy knitting so much more in summer than I do in the colder months. Maybe because it is more portable and I can take it out in to the garden or sit in the conservatory where the light is so much better. I don't ever really knit anything substantial in size so I never need worry about heavy woollen WIP's draping over my lap.

This is LaLa's Simple Shawl and was my last challenge from when Kristina, Nancy and I last visited Kew together. We have decided to use our regular wanderings as a sort of mentoring session to encourage each other on projects or ideas that we are working on or ruminating over. It seems to be a successful way of ticking things off The List.

It looks quite generous draped over Mrs Jennings, my trusty model, but I really would've liked it a little bigger. I have worn it though, and it is just right for adding a little bit of warmth to these chilly days of so-called summer. The linen is soft and supple and I believe it will become butter-soft when I wash it.

As ever, there is another project lined up and this time I needed very little persuasion to purchase some Alice sock yarn. I don't think I have ever felt a yarn so beautifully soft. It is divine. After some deliberation over colour combinations, I went with this warm salmony coral colour paired with a natural cream. Bright summery colours that will give me that much needed yarn-y cuddle around my shoulders.

I seem to have a slight fixation with shawls at the moment and know I am not alone (you know who you all are!).

From tiny beginnings, come forth bigger and softer things. All details over on Ravelry.