Sunday 30 September 2007

A Good Day...

Guess what's behind this fence?

The thing I have been coveting for the last few years...

Today I became the new allotmenteer on the block! These 2 plots are now my new baby. My back is groaning at the thought of all that digging! The fence, by the way, is the bottom left-hand side of my garden, so how convenient is it going to be to be able to pick my own fresh vegetables next year? Well, the answer to that is slightly less convenient than the ones I've picked this year because they are in my garden... but in very small quantities! Onwards and upwards!

This is my vegetable garden at the moment...

It's been great and it means that I can concentrate on the more delicate crops to grow in the garden and let the allotment deal with the ones that take up loads of space and minimum maintenance.

I've spent the afternoon planting bulbs for spring - mainly tulips...I love tulips. I planted Jan Reus and Angelique together with some primrose wallflowers and Rosy Sunset pansies. Then I did a bed of a mixture of 4 red and shades of red, including Parrot Rococo and Carnival de Nice. And finally, some barrels of Ballerina and Purissima with some narcissi Pheasant's Eye for good measure. It will be a sight to behold next year!

Friday 28 September 2007

Caught on camera

After working through the help menu, I thought I'd add in a quick picture. I stayed with a friend in Florida in the summer and her garden was full of (camera shy) dragonflies. They were tricky little devils to try and photograph and I'm afraid this is the best of a bad lot!

Thursday 27 September 2007

Busy as a bee...

It's been a busy week so far. I started a part-time job at the beginning of the month and it makes the weeks fly by.
But, I have managed a fair bit of knitting and have finished off 3 things.
I made this teddy for a friend's new baby girl. It's a Debbie Bliss pattern from Simply Baby I don't usually go for the obvious pink or blue for babies and thought this colour was lovely.

I knitted this bag in May using Colinette Point 5, colour banwy, and finally got round to lining it on Monday. Now that autumn is upon us it felt right to have a nice woolly bag again. I sewed some tape the length of the strap having learnt that they just get longer and longer and longer...

And last night I finished another little couldn't resist project that I pilfered from a friend's pattern book. Although summer is over I have now got a permanant reminder of the beach in my bathroom. I filled it with dried chick peas so it has got real feel appeal.

I'm also busy planning for some spring loveliness in the garden and having had a spree in Sarah Raven's catalogue, my bulbs are starting to arrive ready for planting.

Sunday 23 September 2007

Joining in...

Hmmm...not really sure where to start. I stumbled on blogs several weeks ago when I'd Googled the camp-site we were off to for an end of the holidays fling and surprisingly (at least, to me) I got directed to Domesticali who had been there and shared the experience on her blog.
All of a sudden, I found myself transported to an unknown world and became, what I now know, is known as a lurker.
My confession is that I've yet to comment on the regular blogs on my favourites list but my bravado is obviously on the up as I have been inspired to join in!
I really love all the photos so here's a first from me...

My garden has become a real passion for me over the last year and the early morning sun shining on these cosmos (grown from seed!) last weekend had me running down the garden in my dressing gown to capture and share. I consider the photo a much as I like taking pictures, it's often a question of luck rather than skill in the result!