Wednesday, 12 December 2012


Phew! I've been trying to post for ages (read: weeks) but kept getting annoying messages about having reached my photo storage limit. It seems to have resolved itself now as this post seems to be out there...

Anyway, I've been taking note of a few promising things that have been getting me through these grey days. Although, today is not one of them - I woke up to the most amazing hoar frost, as did many others judging by the excitement and wonderful photos popping up all over the place.

So, to the point in hand: 

  • the promise of spring, in spite of winter having only just set in - my paperwhites, adorned with red cornus stems from the front garden.

  • basil seedlings, slowly germinating on the kitchen windowsill, to liven up our pasta and paninis.

  • tooth-like crocus bulbs pushing through the soil and gravel on the garden table

  • a greenhouse full of autumn sown sweet peas and other seedlings, in anticipation of my exciting new cutting garden next year. (HG meaning from the seed man himself, Mr Higgledy Garden)

  • hellebores in my pots and dotted through my front garden with big fat buds ready to open in the coldest season. Will I dare to cut them?

  • a skein of sumptuously soft yarn that promises to warm my neck up sometime soon. Very soon, I hope.