:: About me ::

Hello and a very warm welcome to my blog!

I'm Tracy and I live in London, England. This blog is my place to record my daily life and interests, of which I have many.

Following on from a design career in visual merchandising I am now a stay-at-home mum and live with my teenage son (No2, as he's known in this space), and our chocolate lab, Pippin.  I keep hens (my girls) in the garden to satisfy my yearning for a more rural lifestyle.

I started writing and recording my life when I found myself in unchartered territory following the death of my eldest son, Tom, in 2006. It became important to me to try and find a way to channel the creative energy that I had used in making a life for myself and my children to do something meaningful. I began to rediscover hobbies and interests and was astounded to find the huge online community that I found who shared them too.

I love photography and so I hope you find my posts visually inspiring. Some of my other passions include:

 gardening ~ I love my garden and look at it as an outdoor room that is ever-changing through the seasons. My lovely girls complete it. I have a converted my raised vegetable beds into a cutting patch and adore having fresh cut flowers around the house.
   quilting ~ I have a serious fabric addiction and a sizeable stash. I only began quilting in 2007 and am completely self-taught from the generous sharing of skills I have found from other online quilters and the wonderful books they publish.

✺   sewing ~ My sewing is mainly a follow-on from the scrap I have from quilt-making, although I have made a tentative foray into dress-making this year.

    knitting ~ I have knitted since I was about 7 years old, having been taught by my Mum. I'm no longer a fan of knitting garments but love to make accessories for home or myself.
    crochet ~ I adore crochet and my ripple blanket is my biggest achievement. I also love amigurumi.
   baking ~ when not in the garden or my craft room, I am at my most content in the kitchen. I am passionate about fresh, mostly organic, food and make all my food from scratch.

I have sometimes blogged about bereavement but it is not a predominant theme of what you will find here. I have written a book about bereavement and had it published in May 2012. You can find it on the tab at the top.

Please do leave a comment if you visit. I try and answer them all if you provide an email address.


  1. Your list of interests exactly match mine, except that I live in rural Wales and don't keep hens! My oldest son also died, I'm going to have a look at your book. Love being part of twitknit, and will read your blog when time allows. Good wishes, Sue.

  2. Hi, found your blog via twitter - I love it x

  3. Hi - can't quite remember how i found your blog - it was only a hour ago! but have been wandering around blogland happily finding crochet inspiration - love your blog and have added it to my daily few to view!
    best wishes, Sarah.

  4. Hi, just came across your blog after searching for some nice cushions for my garden furniture. Little did I know that I'd be stuck browsing page after page...
    I live in Dublin with my husband and two small boys, although originally from Sweden. Just like you I have recently rediscovered my need to create and to be creative. In my case it was after being made redundant while pregnant with #2. It's been a life changer for me too... Just so you know I've pinned a few of your pictures on Pinterest, with the link to your blog of course.


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