Tuesday 14 May 2013

Interpretation ...

I've loved having the opportunity lately of making some custom homewares for the customers in my Etsy shop. My love of colour is well documented here on this blog but it is wonderful to be able to interpret what other people might like with a mere suggestion of an idea. This pink and grey combination is another detour from my usual colour pairings but inspiring to play with.

From the seemingly limitless contents of my fabric stash, I can put together almost all possibilities of palettes, apart from, perhaps, black!

My brain has been nicely taxed too in making things I've never made before and I'm thinking that I might have to make one of these double oven gloves for myself too. They have been much admired by my craft club ladies so perhaps I can give them a lesson and make my own pair (or is it one?).

The perspex template I have been using for my current quilting project was perfect for rounding off the corners and I am now a dab hand at cutting curves with my tiny 28mm rotary cutter.

These Clover wonder clips were another useful bit of kit in finishing off the hand-sewing on the binding too.

This is the first set (one??!!) I made from the leftover scraps from the Spring Quilt I made last month and below is the complete order for the grey and pink collection, which includes placemats and napkins to co-ordinate.

I'm thinking I might make a couple more to add to the stock in my shop - what do you think? Or maybe use these as ideas for custom orders ... I'll have a think while I'm finishing up on my quilt top today.

Saturday 4 May 2013

Ten things ...

  • I have been drooling over tiny bowls in a heavenly shop. Alas, they didn't come home with me.

  • I had the most amazing massage.

  • No2 and I went to the zoo. Seven years. To say I was thrilled that Molly the giraffe approached the new bridge feature is an understatement. But, yes, that is a carrot on the right of the picture. Sadly not proffered by me though.

  • No2 now wants a lizard. Possibly a bearded one ...

  • My auriclas are jostling with my love of tulips as my favourite flower. The tulips need to be careful - I am fickle.

  • I have been busy sewing a wonderful custom order for some kitchen accessories. Who knew double oven gloves and simple running stitches could give me (and hopefully my customer) so much pleasure.

  • There are parts of my garden that are swathed in blue - some that I have planted intentionally ...

  • ... and some that I have not.

  • I have been enjoying other people's gardens. It looked very different from my last visit in September.
  • My own garden and new allotment are keeping me busy and this gorgeous sunshine is renewing my energy in leaps and bounds. Have a great weekend - you'll find me outside!