Thursday 25 September 2008

Going for it...

This week has found me with my head in books of all kinds, in preparation for The Big Day on Monday.

To set a benchmark for the beginning of my studying, I had to take an audit test in maths, English and science. The books were bought months ago, but have remained in a tidy pile on my desk...
Ok, so I've left it til the last minute...but hey, I wanted it all to be fresh in my mind...right? So, out came my lovely new pencil case and I got down to tackling the maths test first.
I honestly thought I'd get between 10 and 20% percent in the test as I just don't have a particularly mathematical brain, so I was quietly pleased with a score of 51%. There's alot of work to be done on equations and algebra...but, I have got 3 years to get there. This book may well prove to be a lifeline!
Next up came science: biology has always interested me and I do have a good memory for things such as anatomy and the living world. Physics is a different matter...
73% there - not bad, not bad. My confidence was growing every day. For English, I just took a deep breath and went for it. I mean, I talk the language everyday, don't I? I write regularly, don't I? I read...alot, don't I? But could I remember what a simile was? NO. Still, I got 82% and that has boosted my confidence no end. I do still have a brain...
I also have a reading list of both children's books and study books. I decided to tackle a children's book that I wasn't familiar with as part of a project set for our first week looking at who is the teacher and what is learning. I chose Malorie Blackman's Noughts and Crosses.
My Borders gift cards that my colleagues at school gave me as a leaving present came in handy as I knew they would, and so I can still satisfy my urges to buy children's books, long after my children have grown out of them.

So, I am as prepared as I'm ever going to be. I have created written action plans with references to further reading to improve my audit marks. I have downloaded practice guides and strategies for teaching. I have bought files to keep everything in order.

I think a last dash to Borders and Paperchase is called for tomorrow. I need to buy an academic year diary and probably some more stationery (I love stationery). Then I am going to sit back and let the weekend pan out in whatever shape or form it decides...


  1. Oooh, it's exciting! I so admire you: a whole new phase of life opening up for you. One of my close friends is just starting her first job as an NQT after 3 years at Uni: she loved it.

    I'll be thinking of you on Monday.


    PS: I love stationery too - it's nearly as good as fabric, isn't it?

  2. I am so excited for you!

    Seriously, looking at all those new books and pens (and don't even get me STARTED on the stationery!) got my heart racing.

    Enjoy your weekend and all the best for next week. I think you're going to enjoy it :o)

    N. xx

  3. Such an exciting time. You know I'll be watching with great interest ...

  4. Teaching's great. I absolutely love it. (I'm a secondary teacher, and by the looks of the books you bought you're looking at primary teaching.) I've done some primary teaching too, and the best thing about it is that every day is different.
    Your 'advanced age' will be to your advantage once you go out and start teaching. The kids will all assume that you know what you're doing so they won't test you out as much. You lucky duck!

  5. Good Luck ... You are even braver than I thought!!! x I too will be watching with interst. xx

  6. Your writing is beautiful!

    You are going to be the BEST teacher - I just know it - so keen and interested -

  7. You're going to have the neatest notes Tracy! Perfect teacher handwriting. I'll be thinking of you come Monday.

  8. Good luck Tracy! You clearly know how your skeleton is made up...and such neat writing, too. And who needs an excuse to buy lovely stationery.
    D x

  9. Good Luck, it's going to be fantastic.!
    when I was doing a TA course I found this site really useful for refreshing my maths -

    tess x

  10. It must have felt like doing O'Levels all over again, wishing you los of luck.

  11. Maths - yikes! Good luck for Monday, how exciting for you, and the possibilities for new stationery are endless!
    Julia xx

  12. well done on your scores they're rather impressive! I dread to think what I'd get if I had to take a test these days - I think I'd be lucky to spell my name right! Will be thinking of you on monday - hope you have a relaxing weekend with maybe just a little excited anticipation and no nerves!

  13. I love stationary too-Paperchase is quite possibly the best shop ever.
    I shall be thinking of you and your shiny new diary tomorrow. Enjoy every minute-I am so impressed by your maths ability-I looked at your sums and said 'Whhhaaaaaaat?'
    You will make a fabulous teacher! Hurrah! Have fun sweetie-do you want me to send you a secret stash of hazelnut syrup to keep in your desk???!x


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