Monday 24 November 2008

When will I ever learn...

Just in case you think I've been idle these last couple of weeks, I have got photographic evidence of things other than regular blogging that has kept me busy.

The baby blanket I started weeks ago, has been finished. And with a lesson learnt:

Don't leave all the sewing-in of ends to the last minute...

When you do that, these become your best friends:

And then you get left with a little pile of colourfulness on the sofa beside you...

The end result? What I would consider a fairly funky baby blanket for a hippy mum!

She had a boy, by the way. Un-named as yet, but with a Christmassy-looking blanket to warm his toes.


  1. Gorgeous - truly! I think recipient and mother of recipient should be very well pleased.

  2. That is one of the fabbiest baby blankets I've ever seen. So pretty. I'm sure she'll be thrilled with it. She being the mother, not the cat's mother (as my mother would say).

    Hope the course is going well. I often think of you, sat there, being a stoooodent.


  3. Oh wow, it's gorgrous!! She will be chuffed to bits with it, T.
    Hope uni life is cool and hip still, and you're keeping the young 'uns in check!x

  4. Fab blanket. I've chosen to ignore all those flippy flappy bits of yarn until the end, maybe I'll just keep on making squares and never make them into a blanket!
    Glad to see you back, hope the course is fun.
    Julia xx

  5. What a fab blanket! And you finished it so quickly!

    But I agree sewing in ends is such a bore. It took ages on my couch throw.

    K x

  6. It is a truly fab blanket.

    I was thinking about you just this morning - glad to see all is going well!

  7. I love that blanket! Lucky baby!! x

  8. That is a wonderful blanket to warm the baby's toes. Poor you having to sew in all the ends! I hope the course is going well.

  9. I know, I did the same thing on a giant granny square blanket. Ugh....
    The blanket is lovely and I like the way the colors mix.


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