Monday, 21 September 2009

Changing rooms...

There is a room in my house that has not seen much activity for the last three and a half years.

It's a nice room, with a groovy floor.

And lots of equipment in it that is now redundant.

It used to be the hub of the house, where all of Tom's day to day life took shape. Where I could hoist him into his chair from the couch or the water bed or his standing frame. Where his through-floor lift would take him up into his bedroom. Where he could watch a film, listen to music or play on the computer.

I missed going in that room and so last week, with the help of No2, I moved a table that I had in the garage in there and stationed my sewing machine on it.

Now, I have a room where I can get on with all the quilting projects that are stacking up in my imagination and in various bags around my desk.

I can leave it when I want, without clearing up so we can eat at the table.

I can lay the quilt out on the floor to see how it is coming together, without having to worry about it getting walked on.

And I have a satisfying pile of offcuts that I can let grow until I can be bothered to put in bin!

Changing that room, or should I say using that room, feels good. I feel creative in there. It feels a little bit like my old office at work, where we'd make and plan and create schemes and displays for the store. There is a stereo so I can listen to music, and my day just mooches along nicely.


  1. That looks like the most perfect repurposing. I hope you've kept the disco ball!

  2. I love the thought of you being creative in there. Especially with a disco ball. Groovy.

  3. Creativity under the shining lights of a disco ball! Perfect.

  4. How wonderful to have a craft room where you can spread everything out and let your creativity flow. And the perfect room for it, too... K x

  5. That sounds like a perfect use for the room.

  6. Hi T. Yes, I agree with everyone, there can be no better use for that room than to be creative in there. x

  7. If I might say so I'll guess that your elder boy is smiling at you using again the room you spent so much time in together - so nice you can use it for something pleasing and relaxing that you enjoy

  8. hope you are loving having a special space for your creativity, and that quilt looks just gorgeous xxx


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