Wednesday 1 December 2010

1 :: Splash of Colour…

This post is killing two birds with one stone – as it is December 1st I thought I would join Gina in a blogging Advent calendar and it also goes with Silverpebble’s Splash of Colour project.

When I look outside my window, it is grey, grey, grey accompanied by the remains of yesterday’s snow and not very inspiring.  But when I looked around my workroom I found lots of colour to brighten both the day and my mood.  Take a look…
Thread holder
CK tins
Embroidery floss
Felt pens       Kona colour chart
Lucy's quilt almost finished
More finca
New finca
Felt squares
Felt balls (2)

I feel better already.


  1. Oh, lovely! Must take mine. Can't believe it's been a month already!

  2. wow. I feel better too.
    Fabulous bursts of colour.Love the quilt.x

  3. Colour therapy at its finest! Please would you share where those lovely felty stacks came from - they look gorgeous.prolesi

  4. Wow! I feel better already! K x

  5. Absolutely yummy pictures! x

  6. Lovely, lovely colour. You've just got to put colour in your life when it's winter.
    Anne xx

  7. What lovely photos!! Love the spools of thread and the stacks of felt!!

  8. Such gorgeous uplifting colour. So pleased I'm not the only crazy one!

  9. wow - what vibrancy for a snowy Thursday morning! Thanks for sharing. And good luck with the advent blogging - I am giving it a go too and hope I can come up with enough things to say!!!!

  10. Oooh lovely and bright and colourful, I feel warmer already!

  11. My eyes are quite simply in heaven. Thankyou so much x


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