Thursday, 11 July 2013

RHS Hampton Court Flower Show in 10 ...

  •  A surprise message popped up on my Twitter page on Monday - with congratulations, I had won 2 tickets to the RHS Hampton Court Flower Show from Sophie Conran! There may or may not have been an excited squeal. Then I went into panic mode because my reply kept failing so I had to anxiously wait for 24 hours to see if it was actually true. Time felt as though it was ticking away as the only day I was going to be able to honour the tickets was yesterday as my week was all accounted for. In a flurry of emails on Tuesday evening, it all fell into place.  Rather aptly, considering my backyard companions (scroll down through the post!), Sophie is one of a team of designers who have created a henhouse, all of which are being auctioned, with the proceeds going to the RHS Campaign for School Gardening.

  • After a journey that comprised of a car drive to my Mum's (who was my companion for the day), a bus, a tube, a train and finally a boat down the short stretch of the Thames from Hampton Court Station to the entrance of the show, we finally arrived to a gloriously sunny day. Perhaps it was the soaring temperatures that drew me to the cooler coloured plantings. This Willow Pattern garden reminded me of Alice.

  • This garden won Best in Show and I loved the planting and the idea behind it. I'm thinking of adding something watery to my garden in the autumn. The agapanthus were absolutely enormous - I must read up on how to increase the flower size on mine, which has been in decline over the years.

  • I think this was actually my favourite stand in the show. I love everything about it. It was by Wild Thyme Nursery in the Floral Marquee.

  • I made notes and took photos of many plants I would like to add to my garden, including this dahlia from The National Dahlia Collection.

  • This rose, that I will be on the look out for in the autumn to plant as a bare-root plant. So pretty.

  • I think finding a spot for this climbing rose is a high priority, with its namesake patrolling the garden on an hourly basis!

  • I loved the Franchi Seed stand in the Growing for Taste marquee. We arrived just after they'd had a royal visitor apparently! 

  • If the mood took you, there was copious amounts of opportunity to spend, spend, spend. I could only dream ... about the greenhouse of my dreams ... maybe one day ...

  • I did concede to one purchase other than a packet of seeds! I bought the 2 clematis shown here to use with the willow support I made last year. They are fabulously healthy plants and full of buds and promise. Cool spectrum colours again, and a reminder of a wonderful day out.


  1. Oh Wow -- how fabulous would a garden show be at Hampton Court? You lucky girl -- thanks for sharing your beautiful photos!

  2. What a wonderful prize! It looks a great day out, and I love your clematis too - happy memories for years to come!

  3. oh it looks heavenly, what a wonderful day out, and truly inspiring x

  4. What a perfect prize! And yes, that Joie de Vivre rose is heavenly :D

  5. What a great prize and fabulous day out.

  6. That does sound like a perfect day and lovely that it was a prize too! I'd love a greenhouse like that one too - it's nice to daydream isn't it? Looking forward to seeing your new plants in theor new home and also seeing what your notes and photos develop into.

  7. Oh you lucky thing! Goodness, it looks as though there were so many good things to see. I love the look of that prize- winning garden and it looks as thoughwe are both drawn to the same colours. That reminds me, I might treat myself to an agapanthus...

  8. oh lucky you! I'm not that much into gardening as you know, but I would love to go to that show!

  9. Such a pleasant place in London. Like to see all those beautiful flowers.


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