Thursday, 19 June 2008

New books...

Borders is a dangerous place. Dangerous on the purse, that is.

No2 and I ventured over there on Tuesday evening. He thinks that I will never say no to buying him books. Because it's good to read, isn't it? So, off he goes to browse in the children's section and comes back with a couple of novels. I am lost in the craft section, which they have recently moved and improved. So much so, I could have got a trolley and filled it. Books are good, right?

I drew the line at these 3 books, but I thought back to a previous post and the question of being a billionaire and it suddenly became clear to me that books, actually, might be high on the list! There were a couple of novels - buy one, get one half-price, so that's an order, right? Plus a few bit of stationery from Paperchase.

When we reached the checkout I noticed there were 2 other books hidden in the depths of a full basket - a Garfield cartoon book and The World's Funniest Headlines*. But they're books... Meanwhile, No2 created a suitable distraction by destroying a shelf full of something or other while I nearly fainted at the total and punched in my PIN number in a daze.

Anyway, I've been looking out for a paper-cutting book since I downloaded Emailorder #8 from AngryChicken. I played about with the sizing a bit so I could use all the designs to fit on a smaller card.

The heart one has become a favourite for anniversaries, although this one was for a girlie friend who likes all thing pink.

The rabbit on this one is supposed to hang on some string as though he is on a swing.

The book has some great templates in it for all sorts of occasions. There is a great one for Christmas - a string of jingle bells.

Changing the subject completely, did any of you watch Coldplay on BBC2 last night? I have played their new album, Viva La Vida, since Friday on my iPod. I'm obsessive like that. I love it. I have got tickets to see them at the O2 in December, I can't wait...

* From aforementioned World's Funniest Headlines:

Tornado rips through cemetery, hundreds dead.

I'm sorry, but I can't help keep laughing at that one...


  1. oooh, the paper cutting thing is very cool! You will never have to buy a birthday card ever again!
    Love Coldplay but missed the radio 2 thing-I was listening to the 'top 10 most popular Coldplay tracks' the other night whilst cooking, it was on some random radio station and started crying when they played Fix You. Gulp.Rob walked in the kitchen and thought I'd burnt myself/dropped a Le Creuset lid on my foot (as is the norm) but had to explain it was the song...think he will be shipping me off to the surgery before long!
    I think my biggest spend when I go shopping is on books too-can never resist!

  2. THAT sounds like a book that my son would love too.

    Interesting to see a revival of paper cutting crafts. It has an interesting history.

  3. I've just ordered that Denyse Schmidt book for a customer. I'm sort of hoping she decides not to buy it so I can.

    Bookshops are dangerous on the wallet.

  4. Books...sigh...a girl (and small boy!) after my own heart. I was looking at the Denise Schmidt book only last night, though I've yet to actually quilt a single thing. Have you seen Rob Ryan's cut-outs? (

  5. You have a wonderful talent at papercutting. Do you use scissors or a scalpel? I have not yet found a scalpel that I can get on with. I am a bit of a book addict. Trouble is that I am seduced by the cover and then dissapointed with the content! There aint no pleasing some people!!!

  6. I have the Denyse Schmidt book, too! I've perused it so many times but still haven't managed to make any of the projects. Maybe we should work on one together for moral support :) K x

  7. I love books. I cannot pass a charity shop without giving the books a once-over. I mean, there might be something unmissable in there, mightn't there? ;-) Borders is a wonderful shop.


    PS: You get to see REM AND Coldplay? I can't wait to read your reviews.

  8. I just love that papercutting. In fact I really, really love it and I might be tempted to try. Do you need special paper?

  9. I do believe you are my twin!!!!
    Borders also!!

  10. I downloaded Coldplay on Saturday onto the Ipod and similarly have been playing it very often.

    I love my 200 squares (crochet) book.

  11. Yes..good bookshops are dangerous places! Your selection is the paper cutting..the rabbit one almost looks like a lino cut (something I'm itching to try)..
    I have all the previous Coldplay cds, now you've talked me into getting the new one! :) Gx


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