Monday 16 April 2012

Blossom snow...

No chance of cherries for me again this year. While there is one parakeet on the feeder ...

... his friends are all waiting in the cherry tree.

Slowly eating all the tiny fruit that are at the base of the blossom, which they destructively toss aside to carpet this corner of the garden in blossom snow. Each flower perfect, not a sign of dying off naturally before being discarded.

(The pigeons are too fat to get to the feeders so they waddle about below hoping for some stray seed to fall.)

The other garden birds are getting in on the act too!

I can understand why there has been talk of culling these exotic visitors as they are a destructive force and it must be a nightmare if you were commercially growing fruit.

And talking of parrots, these ones are in full bloom today.


  1. It still stuns me to think of parakeets visiting gardens in this country - we get excited about goldfinches here in the flatlands!

  2. I'd love to see parakeets in my garden - our cherry is just ornamental so they'd be very welcome.

    I was watching the pigeons today - waiting for the goldfinches to be messy with their food - once they'd done that they treated us to a garden 'porn' show!!

  3. I can understand that they might be a pest but I think it is very exciting to see parakeets in the garden. The pigeons wreck havoc with my vegetables though and I'd gladly see them go!

  4. Oh the tulips! I think you should be in charge of photographing the next Sarah Raven catalogue.

    And I thought we still had plenty of time to repair the net over our cherry trees, but looks like we better make it a top priority. Eeek.

    K x

  5. I definitely prefer the flowery parrots to the feathery kind! The parakeets do look lovely in the tree and very exotic but like you say they will decimate many a fruit crop. I'm glad we've got none here as I'm looking forward to plum jamming again later in the year.

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