Thursday, 26 April 2012

Walking round the garden...

As I step outside the back door, Angelique (my favourite tulip ever) is starting flower.

Heading to the bottom of the garden to the pesky back border, I find it filling out with my perennials and looking surprisingly full of promise.

Hidden in amongst the lush greenery are the first of what I hope to be many of my cut flower seedlings: cerinthe, cornflowers and verbena at the moment with more to be added if it ever stops raining.

My new roses are perking up too. This is Precious Love that I got as a gift for my work at The Child Bereavement Charity.

This is looking like the first year I will have gooseberries too. I think I will cage/net them soon to avoid disappointment.

There is a simple reason why the garden is looking lush and green other than the obvious one of the torrential rain of late...

My girls have had their destructive habits quashed. It was a BIG decision to limit their freedom but it was getting to the point of whether or not to keep them. My garden and their lack of compassion was getting me down. I was constantly fed up of the disappointment of finding stumps instead of fresh green shoots. This was Plan C! Plans A and B didn't work. They are still laying everyday so I don't think they are that stressed and I am feeling less guilty now that they have been down there for a couple of weeks and are still pleased to see me.


  1. your garden is certainly looking gorgeous. my chickens live in a big run, I wasn't prepared to let them eat my garden either.......

  2. Well, they cedrtainly look happy enough!

    Your garden looks lovely. We have a pesky back border too, which is likely to stay pesky as we have to have the fence and shed replaced this year so no point in putting in precious things to be trampled.

  3. Oh I just want to move into your garden! In the meantime will look into getting some Angelique bulbs for next year... K x

  4. Garden - 1, chickens - 0!

    My cornflowers are huge (and I didn't support them - naughty naughty me).

  5. I wish my garden were looking so perky. It's a good job I'm currently looking at yours instead.

  6. amazing post :)
    This garden looks awesome!!

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