Saturday 26 July 2008

Endings and Beginnings...

I confess, I have neglected this blog for the last 10 days...

It's been a busy time...

I have left my job, ready to start a new chapter of my life in September, when I start at university. I was thoroughly spoilt on leaving and moved to tears at the generosity and warm words of encouragement from my colleagues.

There was a beautiful greeny-white orchid, which adds a serenity to my bedroom now that's it's too hot in my conservatory.

There were the brightest sunflowers, which add a splash of colour to the fireplace in my kitchen.

And, lucky, lucky me, I got an £80 Borders gift card! Perfect for fuelling my book addiction! Did I mention a chocolate fudge cake? No? There was...and it went before I had a chance to photograph it!
To prove I haven't been slacking in other areas, I made this crochet heart for my friend to carry at her wedding yesterday.
I adjusted the pattern that Attic 24 used for her crochet heart bunting slightly, as I wanted a slightly longer, not-so-fat-heart and I used the gorgeous Debbie Bliss silk that I bought a while back on my ill-fated trip into town.
It was a beautiful day - a new beginning for my dearest friend, who I have known all my life. I felt strangely emotional (who doesn't at weddings?) and laughed and cried with her and her wonderful family. Her parents are my Godparents, and it is a role they have always taken seriously and I am a better person for that.
On the table favours, my friend added a little dragonfly pin badge to mine and No2's name tags, in memory of Tom. I was moved to tears by her thoughtfulness and had to make an emergency dash to my room to reapply my mascara...
This is what made the day complete:
Blue sky! About time too...
I fear I may be slacking a bit more over the next few weeks, both in posting here and getting round to my usual copious amount of visiting Blogland, but I'll be back, have no fear!!!
I may have mentioned this before, but the formatting is wrong, all wrong and it drives me crazy - any tips, anyone?


  1. what lovely leaving gifts, you were obviously well loved. enjoy the summer before the start of Uni - what an exciting new chapter to start!

  2. Post as little or as often as you like but most of all have a wonderful summer -

    We will be here reading and waiting to see what unfolds with the new adventure!

  3. I love new beginnings. It's such an exciting time... and how wonderful to be doing a course that you want so much.
    Enjoy the next chapter.

  4. How exciting! How wonderful to be able to learn about a subject you are interested in. I am sure you will do very well. It was a wonderful gesture for your friend to think of you on her wedding day and also of you to crochet her the beautiful keepsake heart.

  5. Beautiful heart - and I'm so pleased your friend's wedding day went so well and that the weather smiled on you all. Her gesture brought a tear to my eye too.

    Regarding the formatting - I got so piffed off with Blogger messing about with mine, that I now write them all in html to start with (there is an 'edit html' option when you're writing a new blog post). All you need to know is to put < p > (with no gaps) at the start of a paragraph, and < /p > (no gaps again) at the end. Similarly, tag italic words with < i > and < /i >, bold words with < b > and < /b > etc. You can easily find basic html coding online.

    It worked for me! Good luck!


  6. Very exciting things afoot! I think you'll have the most amazing time at university. I do hope we'll manage to catch up this summer. And I always have trouble with the formatting! K x

  7. Must have been an emotional rollercoaster of a week. Lovely photos sharing gifts given and received. And exciting times ahead too. Lots of people in blogland are slowing down and enjoying a bit of a summer break - enjoy yours, whatever it may bring. Diana x

  8. It doesn't matter how long you are away - we will be here when you return ready to wave to you and hear your news.

    What a wonderful selection of gifts - you will always be glad that you photographed them because they will be as fresh as the day they were given.

    I write in HTML but switch backwards and forwards to the compose screen. The HTML is critical for spacing but you can use the compose screen for the fancy bits and moving photos around.

  9. How wonderful to have such a good friend - and your heart is gorgeous.

    Enjoy the summer (and maybe when you're at college you can ask them who decided to make the summer hols so short this year?!)

  10. Glad the wedding went well- I did wonder if it was this weekend just gone, after you mentioned the hen party a while back. The heart you made is so beautiful, what a lovely memento for your friend, and how sweet of her to do such a thoughtful thing for you and No.2, in remembering Tom on her special day-what a pal!
    So glad you were well looked after on your last day, thoroughly deserved I might add! and such beautiful presents-fab sunflowers! Try and relax now, at least for a few days?! Here's to you and your exciting new start x

  11. it is going to be such a wonderfully exciting chapter for you - I bet you can't wait to get going ... with the odd wobbly nervous knee knock of two ...

  12. You certainly have had a busy time! A right old rollercoaster of emotions too by the sound of it! What a lovely send-off you had from your collegaues and beautiful gifts. The wedding sounds like a perfect day and your crochet heart is gorgeous - I bet your friend was thrilled with it. Hope your summer continues to go well and you have a lovely, relaxing time before the excitement of your new beginnings in september x

  13. Your gifts are lovely--so thoughtful & heartwarming. I rejoice with you in the excitement as you soon begin on a new path--wishing you joy every step of the way! Enjoy the summer before the new chapter begings...((HUGS))

  14. oh well done you!!!

    You'll make a fab teacher.

  15. Hope the weather stays fine for you and relax as much as you can before you have to get your nose back into the books. What an exciting time for you - all the best!

  16. How very exciting for you, now that you are ready to enjoy the rewards of your hard work.

  17. Tracy, hello! I know you're away, and taking a wee break, but when you're back, come over...I've given you an award and it needs collecting! D x

  18. Congratulations! and what fun, can't wait to hear about your progress.
    Luck to you
    Lovely gifts.


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