Tuesday 15 July 2008

Fresh air...

On Saturday morning, having despatched No2 off to Alton Towers with his Scout troop, I whizzed up the M40 to my lovely friend's cottage in the Cotswolds.

We spent a perfectly lazy day, chatting, dodging the showers, eating and drinking wine. In the evening, once her little people had gone to bed, we sat down to watch Love Actually, which happened to be on TV. It's one of those films, that no matter how many times I watch it, I still enjoy it. The bit when Bill Nighy's character calls Dec 'Ant or Dec' just makes me laugh every time. Do you have a favourite bit?

Every time I stay there, for some reason I like to have the tiny window in my bedroom thrown open to breathe in the air and wake to the sounds of the countryside rather than the sirens and traffic I am used to here at home.

I really feel like I'm winding down now. The end of term is drawing nearer, and with it, my last days working at school. Today, I had a little leaving party here at my house for the children in my class and the rest of the staff. I made some freshly laid egg sandwiches and a yummy sponge cake filled with fresh raspberries and mascapone cream.

It didn't last long!
We all sat out in the garden and the children enjoyed having a go in my hammock and I got Tom's swing out of the shed so they could have a go in that too. The dogs were in their element with all the attention and the children seemed to love the experience of having them around. I don't think any of them have a pet.

I need to get my thinking hat (pretty sharpish!) as I'd like to get them all a present when I leave. Any ideas? Maybe a book, seeing as my other role in school is librarian...


  1. Yuuuummy cake. I bet they're going to miss you!

    As for kiddie gifts, hmmm - mine always seem to love stationery. they could pretend to be practising their writing ;-)

  2. That cake looks amazing! And I'm a big believer in books as gifts :) K x

  3. that cake looks fantastic! E got a really cute little painting set last year from a teacher, he loved it. but love the book idea too.. or a journal maybe.....
    got to love "love actually", one of my fave bits is when the child says he gets to be the 3rd lobster - the look on the mum's face is priceless.

  4. What a beautiful place to stay and enjoy the fresh air.

    Love actually is one of my favourite movies. There are so many elements to it... must sit down for another viewing sometime soon. I love the bit where the guy (forgive my poor memory, I can't recall his name) turns up at his mates place and uses flash cards at the door, to tell his mate's wife how he feels about her, while Christmas carols play in the background. Gets me every time!

    The cake looks stunning. No wonder it didn't last.

  5. Gorgeous-looking cake - I'm really hungry now! The view from your friend's house is wonderful.

    I have 'Love Actually' on dvd, and like you, always enjoy it. I enjoy Emma Thomson's performance - her face when she realises that her husband didn't give her the jewellery is heart-rending.


  6. That cakes look divine....do your chickens actually lay egg sandwiches? How cool...(sorry, just couldn't resist).I think books for children are a great idea...so many children these days don't really read, so any encouragement is good! I've only seen Love, Actually once, memory hazy....I do remember I really enjoyed it!! D x

  7. You have got to be the most popular person on the staff with that cake!

    Books are a wonderful idea. Mark's teacher did each child a laminated bookmark with their name and a couple of pictures of something they are passionate about, and he adores his.

  8. A really nice bookmark each would be nice too

  9. I've missed something here - you are leaving? To do what?

    Love Actually is a bit like the Thomas Crowne Affair (with Pierce Brosnan) or any of the Bourne series - if they happen to come on I will always watch it !

  10. I think books too- especially if you can write a special note to each child, along with the date, in the front inside cover. I have a book my teacher gave me when i was five somewhere...
    Love Actually-we also watched it the other night, is one of my favourites! Best bits (more than one)
    -Hughs dancing down the stairs and sliding across the floor to 'Jump'
    -'Who've you got to screw for a chocolate biscuit around here'(sorry)
    -Andrew Lincoln's signs telling skinny Kiera he loves her..(I Love Andrew Lincoln, Actually)
    -Martine M when she blurts out ' I just knew I was going to **** up on my first day'
    -so many more, in fact, that I may end up repeating the entire script. And that would just edaft.
    Your cake looks amazing, next time you're in the Cotswolds and you have a spare couple of cake tins...xxx

  11. wow that cake looks fabulous - I'm not suprised it was gone so quickly! It sounds like everyone had a wonderful time visiting your garden. I think a book sounds like an excellent idea there are so many wonderful ones around and even Toby is passionate about flap books! Your weekend in the Cotswolds sounds lovely too - the company of a good friend and a beautiful place to stay - perfect!


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