Friday 24 October 2008

My Book...

While I'm on the subject of books, I thought I would post about a project I embarked on 2 years ago. The lead up to our first Christmas without Tom was one of unspeakable anxiety.

The previous Christmas had been quite fraught because Tom was particularly poorly with another hospital acquired infection, which required us to make a dash into Great Ormond Street on the day after Boxing Day for an emergency procedure - a massive risk in itself as he was a high risk patient for having a general anaesthetic. To cut a long story short, after another long stay in hospital and the whole of that spring half term off school, we managed to get on top of things again.

I digress. I can't remember where I saw an article on BobBooks, but I was inspired to make a book for No2 about his brother. The photo I used on the front, is my absolute favourite of Tom. I took it in March 2006 and the fact that he is smiling never fails to amaze me. He was such an inspiration to me and so loving. Not a day goes by when I don't miss him so much, that it really does make my heart hurt. I don't think I've ever posted a photo of Tom before, I've had to take a deep breath.

I scoured the Internet for a quote to use as a front page, and was absolutely thrilled when I found the perfect one.

I love this photo - it looks as though No2 is saying "did you see what he just did?"

It took many hours sorting through my photographs, looking for pictures of the two of them together. I tried to find a picture for every year of No2's life. Then I had to start to think about how to design the layout of the book. The software for the process is free to download and I played for days with page colour, text colour, size and font.

For the last page, I used the first line from The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

Once you are happy with your book, it is a really simple process to upload it, where it gets printed in Zurich (I think!) and gets posted to you within a couple of weeks.

I was so pleased with my end result and No2 often looks at it - I know this because he refuses to tidy his room and as often as I put all his stuff away, this book often comes out again...


  1. It is lovely to see pictures of Tom, and to see him as No 2's brother. When I come to your blog I know Tom as your son, but this has just reminded me that he was much more than that - brother too, and no doubt friend, grandson, cousin etc. as well.

    I've known of Bob books for a while and think it is such a great idea. I've not made one yet, but one day the perfect project will come my way I'm sure. I like the idea of making some sort of family cook book.

    Thank you for sharing.

    N. xx

  2. What beautiful boys and the book is a treasure. I can't remember who wrote it but the line "grief is the price we pay for love" really hits home for me.

  3. what a beautiful book for no 2 to treasure always. So special as it is so personal. We're priveledged to be sharing in that and it's a rather nice thought that in sharing it with us you must see us as friends x

  4. That is a truly beautiful book - no wonder you're pleased with it. I'm in the middle of sorting out a blog book (a book of the blog) using the software from Blurb. I'm going to try to do it in 6 month 'chunks' ... so the kids have something to keep, and read in the future.

    Thank you for sharing - it was so special. x

  5. that looks like a truly special book full of fantastic memories, thanks for sharing it. xx

  6. I got the lump in my throat at the first quote. How very true.

    And what a wonerful, special, unique thing for No. 2 to have.

    Beautiful boys. Brothers.

  7. Hi Tracey, what a lovely book for No2! Really wonderful.

  8. You are inspirational, Tracy.

    The courage that Tom shows as he smiles at you is the result of the love that surrounded him.

    It is not the number of days that measures the value of a life. Tom is a shining example of that.


  9. And I know Alice knows too well of what she writes.

    I too am touched by the courage you have shown in sharing this precious book.

    Thank you.

    And hugs.

  10. What a special book and such a wonderful idea for No2 to keep and treasure always. It was lovely to see your two boys've designed it beautifully and I love the quotes, thanks for sharing Gx

  11. What an absolutely beautiful thing to do.

  12. That's a gorgeous book, Tracy, and has brought tears to my eyes just looking at it. I'm glad No 2 has such a tangible daily reminder of his brother.

    We've made similar books using Snapfish. They are a lovely gift idea too.

  13. What a wonderful gift you have given to your son which I'm sure he will treasure forever. What lovely, lovely photo's and what a fabulous quote.
    Jane. x

  14. What a beautiful book of Tom to for No2 to treasure. Alice's quote is particularly poignant here. Thank you for sharing.
    D x

  15. I am so grateful to you for sharing such a special thing. So precious.
    K xx

  16. Thank you for sharing this with us.

  17. What a marvellous tribute to a brother.

  18. The book is wonderful. Thanks for sharing that with us.

  19. What a gorgeous book - a lovely tribute to your son and a special treasure for his brother. Very precious and so personal.

    I love the quote about brothers.


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