Monday 6 October 2008


The time came at the weekend to put some shoes away. I confess to be a fairly tidy person on the whole, with the exception being my desk, where organised chaos reigns. Another tiny area of mess can be found in my bedroom, where there is usually a pile of shoes...

I am facing up to the fact that my lovely Crocs need to be stashed away again until next spring.

I have been known to wear them with socks *blush* but my toes are decidedly chilly now.

My trusty Converse All Stars are a good filler for early autumn days, and compliment my student wardrobe perfectly.

Although I've noticed that mine are looking extremely clean compared to others I've spotted around the campus! The reason being that they've recently come out of the washing machine after getting caked in mud at the REM gig...

The time has well and truly come though, to get out of my wardrobe my most favourite footwear of all time... drum roll biker boots...

These are the real McCoy - genuine Harley-Davidson boots. I was inspired to buy them about 6 years ago after being given the thrill of a lifetime ride on a friend's Harley over in Florida. I was hooked. After coming home, the best I could do was at least have the boots!

They don't look a day older than the day I bought them and are the most comfortable boots I've ever owned. They will, no doubt, be worn for the next 6 or 7 months, but I'm not complaining.

It's boot love!


  1. Fab crocs - I have now got some turquoise ones along with my black ones. I'm also a converse, and boots girl. Are you a Size 4? We could share ;-) x

  2. I think our shoe wardrobes were separated at birth (but your boots are cooler).

  3. Love your shoe and boot wardrobe! Very cool. K x

  4. Cannot beat a fab pair of chunky boots. Yours are brilliant! I have taken to wearing converse stylie shoes for work, it's like wearing a pair of slippers every day!x

  5. Can't say I am a great fan of crocs (though my kids love them) but OH WOW I love the converse all stars and I LOVE the boots!

  6. Have to smile as I scrolled down on this post...I'm not a crocs fan, love the converse, especially that colour, but you really hit the spot with the biker boots!
    D x

  7. I love your boots. In fact I may be *in* love with them. My crocs are not nearly as pretty as your, and I think I'm going to have to bin mine since I have very nearly gone through the soles ...

  8. Fab boots, and yes sadly I too have to put my crocs and flip-flops away till next year, but then again I could wear them with sock's....

  9. You just get cooler and cooler every time I call by!

  10. I can't believe that garden girl didn't disown you like she did me when she saw that I too owned a pair of crocs and posted them on my blog!!! Can't beat a good pair of crocs I say..and flip flops, all stars, wellies etc etc..
    Jane. x

  11. Aaah comfy crocs galore in our place..I have 3 pairs, and wear my favourite pr all year slippers with thick socks in winter..nothing else compares!
    I also love converses..but I'm too lazy to do up the laces :D


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