Monday 13 October 2008

Return of the Granny Square...

Two weeks in to my studying and I am pleased to report that I have managed to find a bit of time to do other things. Yarn was purchased in a nerve-calming effort the day before I started uni - am I allowed to sound young, and call it uni? A new baby is on the way in November for one of my closest friend's sister and so a blanket has been asked for...

I love making granny squares and I've been itching to make something using red and turquoise together, after admiring this gorgeous quilt and these lovely cushions.

My expectant mum isn't a pastel kinda girl, so I thought that it was the perfect excuse for this colour combination, which would suit a boy or a girl.

I have a small confession though: it was working out pretty expensive using this yarn, so I've scouted around and have decided to make it in this yarn instead - 100% wool rather than cotton, so nice and warm for a winter baby.

All is not lost on these squares - they are the perfect colour combination for No2's bedroom, so he will soon have a cushion for his bed...or to be thrown around the room...

My first two weeks of studying have been brilliant. I now feel that I'm part of the whole deal and have had some really inspiring lectures that have made me feel that I really am on the right path. Last week, we had a lecture from a headteacher who had turned her school around, from one on special measures, to one with an outstanding OFSTED report. I left after one hour of listening to her infectious enthusiasm dying to get out there and teach.

Today, we had a lecture about the importance of reading for children by an emeritus professor who had us all regaled in the delights of Hairy Maclary from Donaldson's Dairy. Imagine a group of 120 students (all above Years 1 and 2!) yelling out the last word of each page! His advice to us was to read to your class at least once a day, purely to keep yourself sane! He assured us that the class would always be enthralled at listening to a story. Suits me...


  1. I'm so glad you are enjoying uni....and no never too old to call it that. Love the squares, I'm so envious that you can crochet, i've never been able to pick it up - perhaps I will have to have another go.


  2. My two tell me their teachers always read - well, not No.1 now she's at 'Big School' but even in Yr6 at Primary, she listened to stories.

    Hairy Maclary is great - so is Slinky Malinki.

    Your granny squares are delicious. So glad you are settling in at Uni.


  3. He is evidently a wise man. My pair (two of the most energetic boys on the planet) never fail to be tamed by a good reading session.

    Perhaps it's the equivalent of crochet for small children?

  4. I like the colors, I also like to make baby things, with unusual colors.
    This is a blanket that can be with the child for a long time.

  5. Love love love Hairy Maclary. I may have to go and unearth him right now from the pit that is the children's room.

    The blanket is going to be gorgeous!

  6. Believe me, it is impossible to stop at just one book!


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