Friday 9 January 2009

Changing tastes...

Until October last year, I was a devout follower of the coffee bean. My usual tipple of choice was always coffee. The coffee shop was my favourite place to hang out and a latte (grande) was usually in my mug.

If I was feeling frivolous, I would add a shot of hazelnut syrup to liven things up. I even bought a little whizzer thingy from Ikea (bargain, 99p) and made myself a latte at home. The thing is this: I'm a bit particular about my mugs. Coffee, at home, has to be in one of these ones. Is it because they are so wide at the top and therefore have more room for hot, frothy milk?

Then, suddenly, in October, I was in the Refectory at uni and with no warning, I fancied a cup of tea! I hadn't drunk tea in about 10 years; I don't know why, I just went off it. But there I was, craving a cuppa and a KitKat. Is it a student thing, I wonder? After a week or so of drinking it at uni, I went and bought a box of teabags and haven't stopped drinking it since. The coffee mug won't do, it has to be my favourite mug...which I share in my fondness for.

When No2 comes home from school and insists on doing some cooking, who am I to stop him from making the most delicious shortbread from his favourite cookery book?

It goes perfectly with a cup of tea in the afternoon...


  1. I am very particular about mugs for coffee and tea.

    And my routine.

    Tea first thing. Then a cup of coffee. Then a coffee at the local cafe after school drop off.

    With a cup of tea mid afternoon....

  2. Oooh yes, I like 'my' mugs too. And would you think me horrid if I said I didn't give visitors/guests 'my' mug(s) either? *blush* x

  3. Funny you should post about changing tastes. In the lead up to Christmas I couldn't bear the thought of coffee (probably overdosed on gingerbread lattes) and developed a taste for hot water. Might have a go at adding a tea bag.

  4. My 11yo youngest made lieberkuchen spiced biscuits in Food Technology at school in the run up to Christmas - she's taken to producing the odd batch now and then when the fancy takes her - lovely with a cuppa and a 5 minute sit down

  5. I go through phases of having tea or coffee first thing, but at some point during the day, there will be a whole pot of Lady Grey (has to be Lady Grey) made and greedily drunk, also from my favourite mug. And no, no-one else is allowed to use it ;-)

  6. Funny isn't it - although I always start the day with tea and have a cup at about 4, when I worked before, I always drank coffee. As a stay at home person, it was tea all the way and now in the bookshop, it's coffee again. Fickle girl.

    Though clearly I need better snacks with my drinks.

  7. oh I think everyone needs a favourite cup, and clearly what I need is for my children to be old enough to bake me shortbread xxx

  8. I'm usually a strong, dark coffee girl. But every now and then I'll suddenly go through a tea phase! But no matter which it is, it must be in the correct mug :)

    And that's such a fab cookbook! I used it when I was nannying and with my Rainbows unit, and still continue to enjoy using it myself!

    K x

  9. Me too- am very into particular mugs.My hearty Bridgewater one is a firm favourite...
    I have to have tea before 10am. Then I make myself and the rest of the workers a cappuccino. Then it's coffee and water until approx 3pm and then back to tea again.
    Tea and kitkats. Yum.x

  10. I'd like to pop into your place one afternoon and share it with you!

  11. hehe! I am VERY particular about my mugs too! I have a particular one for coffee and a particular three for tea. I won't drink it if it's in any other.. i'm the same at work .. Aren't we strange! xx

  12. I know exactly what you mean..I have to drink my coffee from a fine china your P&P mug..and that mouthwatering! Gx


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