Wednesday 14 January 2009

Who wants to play this funky music...

The title of this post has absolutely nothing to do with its content. It is just the brain worm that I have at the moment. You see, yesterday at uni we had an introductory day to our creativity module, the theme of which is AFRICA. We did a session on African drumming and 'who wants to play this funky music' was our rhythm reminder... I can't get it out of my head!

To the point of this post...

My lovely scarf had been envied and so a request was made for a handmade Christmas present from my friend. Trouble is, I only posted it on Monday. I've been busy. I thought I said that...

This one is knitted in Rowan Cocoon, colour bilberry. It is the most beautiful smoky purple, not really done justice by my photos.

I hope it was worth the wait!

Come January, I find myself unable to resist the spring flowers that are for sale (and have been since about November) and so these are making me smile for the whole day on my fireplace in the kitchen.



  1. African drums are a great sound, aren't they? Did you like the Paul Simon album (Graceland?) where he heavily featured African drums.

    That scarf is lovely. You are clever.


  2. I gave in to the lure of the daffs yesterday too. Lovely.

    My older daughter very much enjoyed the African drummers when they came to her school. It's a brilliant idea.

  3. African drumming - Mark'd be most jealous!

    And a project in Cocoon is next for my needles - it comes in the most gorgeous colours doesn't it? I've chosen a tealy blue - if only it would knit itself (or I had a couple of weeks off...)

  4. I adore that scarf - I cannot knit so it looks most complicated to me.

    Looking forward to seeing more spring flowers on your mantelpiece...

  5. Both the pattern and color are gorgeous! K x

  6. I'm tapping, "who wants to play this funky music" on the computer table with my fingers right now.

    I like it - Did it bring out your creativity?

  7. I'm sure the scarf was worth waiting for - it's lovely.

  8. The scarf looks lovely and very intricate in its pattern. Spring blooms certainly lift the spirits.


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