Wednesday 21 April 2010

An Annual Membership...

Yesterday, I met Kristina at Kew Gardens.  We have been planning a 'skills swap' and the idea was that if we both took out an annual membership at Kew, it would provide a lovely setting plus would give us the opportunity to visit Kew regularly throughout the year.

The blossom trees were in full bloom...

...and coupled with the blue-est of plane-free skies, they were the perfect picture of spring.


Nancy had let me know that the magnolias were stunning and she wasn't wrong!


I have to confess to not being a huge fan of magnolias but this particular one was incredibly vibrant, with the most enormous flowers.

Gorgeous, gorgeous shades of pink.


Against that glorious sky.


The Temperate House had just had a shower...


...and it seems that there is always a robin around.


I loved the natural planting of bulbs in the outside areas and these Snakeshead Fritillaries were wonderful - look at the markings on the flowers - just like snakeskin.


The Wild Garlic was in flower and I bought a grow-your-own pouch from the shop, along with some other seeds.


This euphorbia put mine to shame - it reached my shoulder! I'd love this variety somewhere in my garden.

Finally, I couldn't resist taking this photo of a cloud I spotted while waiting for my train - it looked just like Great Britain!


Needless to say, our skills weren't swapped, in spite of having bags of yarn and hooks at the ready and having TWO sit down breaks with lunch and cake...  Too much chatting and admiring the gardens, I'm afraid.

Next time!


  1. Oh how I love Kew Gardens!!! If I lived nearer I would definitely have an annual membership. I had a resident robin follow me around when I visited there too! I bet it was a glorious day. x

  2. It's years since I've been to Kew. What a fabulous place it is.

  3. I'm watching your border with interest. I have one duly weeded and waiting for vegetables to go in but the only trouble is I know from last year that bindweed is lurking. It's a total nightmare to get rid of. You have a very impressive tulip collection.


  4. i have to say that your photos are very beautiful - and I love all the blue and pinks - nature pointing the way again in terms of colour combinations..

    And your skills swap idea - in a garden - Kew Gardens! How I wish I could join you there for a day with our cameras!

  5. Thank you again for such a wonderful day! Your pictures are gorgeous. And you're so right about the cloud! K x

  6. It sounds like a wonderful day out and you also have a perfect excuse to meet up again. I confess I've never been to Kew.

  7. Ohhh, how splendid. I love Kew as well. It's been a while. We went to Hidcote a couple of weekends ago and they had beautiful Magnolias there as well. You have inspired a trip, it's been too long.

  8. I really like your photo of the Robin. You caught him looking busy and attentive. What a great shot!

  9. Why pollute our environment ! Use the latest Geothermal Heat Pumps !

  10. I totally LOVE that pink/blue combination.. it's just so pretty!


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