Friday, 16 April 2010

My garden #6...

After the summer, when the shops are full of Christmas (sorry!), look out for the bulb collections in Marks and Spencer.  They conveniently pack them together in collections to take the umm-ing and ahh-ing out of bulb buying.  I did last year and am now reaping the rewards of my last-minute planting.

I planted this dark tulip collection in 2 pots outside my front door.  They are all in bud and are about to look fantastic.  Of all tulips, I love dark ones.

I also bought this fragrant collection and stuffed them all in one wooden tub.  I don't ever pay attention to the spacing suggestions! 

Already flowering are these wonderful bright pink tulips, Christmas marvel.

And these delicate, pale narcissi, tresamble.

I hope the alliums flower while the others are still out.

The muscari in this post came from this collection, which I planted in the window-box outside my kitchen.

The crocus flowered in February, so the picture on the box is a bit misleading, but  I'm enjoying seeing the tulips everytime I stand at my sink.  Which is quite often...

I'm hoping to tackle the border that shall not be named this weekend...

...and finally sow some seeds...


  1. All your bulbs look stunning. I'm really stupid because I always BUY bulbs but never get round to PLANTING them - what a stupid waste! :o(

  2. I never think of M&S for bulbs. I shall now - the prices alone make them look most attractive!

  3. Oooh, I shall look out for those collections. How fabulous - they all look so healthy and colourful. x

  4. Your bulb collection looks great. The flowers actually look the same as those on the packets! I am going to use your tip of looking out for bulbs in M & S at the end of summer! x

  5. Oh stunning! Well done on getting all those bulbs in - I managed SOME, but not all. For shame.

  6. Thank you so much for the super tip! We definitely need to repopulate our tulip beds, and this looks and sounds like just the way to do it! K x


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