Friday, 23 April 2010

Lacock Abbey...

I went to Lacock Abbey yesterday, for the first picnic of the year.  I am determined to make more use of my National Trust membership this year.  I hadn't realised that the whole village was part of the National Trust.  It was picture postcard stuff.

The Abbey was once a nunnery and evidence of decades of footfall could be seen on the stone steps.

It had countless architectural details to admire and the blue sky (again), showed it off beautifully.

I learnt that by making the spiralled chimneys run in opposite directions, it created a natural updraft for the smoke to rise.

Wouldn't you just love a shopping list like this?

And rather than have signs dotted all around, instead there was a reason not to sit on the chairs!

I'd say 12.45pm was lunch time - sorry, no photos of the picnic, too much food to be eaten...

The grounds were showing all the signs of spring with wild primroses, more fritillaries and the wild garlic was almost out, with bluebells ready to follow.

Some trees still showed no sign of new growth, while others were acid green with new leaves.

Or laden with blossom.


  1. Lacock is such a beautiful place to visit> I just love the 'Households Wants'. Perfect!

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Looks like the most perfect place for a picnic! And I could definitely use a Household Wants Indicator: would be very useful for placing the weekly Ocado order! K x

  3. I remember having a lovely day visiting Lacock years and years ago. Is that the place with the walk in camera obscura or am I confusing it with somewhere else?

  4. what a lovely place to visit - love the doorway picture.

  5. how beautiful!!

    haven't we been lucky with the weather lately?

    (as I'm writing... it's raining though!)


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