Wednesday, 6 January 2010

8 inches...

I reckon that's how much snow we've had here in London in the last 15 hours.  It has snowed all day!  No2 has been home from school and is now in a hot bath after spending hours in the park with his friends and the dog!

Remember the red sky in the morning from yesterdays post?  Well, this is the same view this morning:

And talking of 8 inches, that's how big the squares are that I have now pieced together for Harry's quilt.  I've laid them out on the floor and they are now ready to sew together to make the quilt top.  I have used 20 different fabrics in this quilt and wasn't quite sure whether to just randomly put them together or not.  In the end I divided them up into 4 different groups of 5 fabrics which I then sewed in different combinations.  It's a bit like doing a sudoku puzzle, doing this bit.  I try not to have the same fabrics together at all in the same sequence.  I dont' think I could ever explain my method, but it seems to work.  Anyway, this is how it's looking on the floor.

I decided to include some whole squares of 4 of the fabrics as it seemed such a shame to chop them up completely.  You can see them a bit better in this picture:

I love the black dog and I know Harry will too, and then how could I resist the hens?

It's looking pleasingly boy-like after the pink overload from Christmas!  I'm wondering if a food-inspired name for it will spring to mind...  Any suggestions?


Tracy suggested joining in NaBloPoMo's post every day for a month, so I thought, why not give it a go?  It's a new year and I feel fresh and ready for new challenges.  I'm hoping that by missing a day to start with isn't a bad thing...


  1. The quilt fabrics are lovely. Really fresh and modern looking. I don't know how you can top 'Battenburg'for a foodie themed quilt name. Maybe this could be your Citrus Smoothie quilt! (only joking -that's rubbish)! x

  2. Bah, we didn't even get 8cm! Keep warm there.

    I do love those fabrics. Did you find them in person or online?

  3. The hens are fantastic!!! That quilt looks like so much hard work, good luck with it!

  4. gorgeous - the quilt - not the snow, stay warm and take care of that knee !

  5. we have had deep snow in hampshire has been fun today but will not be so much fun if it freezes.
    hope you are keeping warm... and good luck with your posting everyday: )

  6. happy new year Tracy. The snow looks so pretty but as we have about the same amount here too I know that it's not so much fun if you need to be anywhere or get anything done! Still quilting is the perfect antidote to struggling through snow and Harry's quilt looks wonderful - great colours.

  7. Harry's quilt is looking fabulous. It looks sort of "minty" to me but that's as close to a food title I could think of. Love the chicken fabric!

  8. You got so much more snow than we did in Teddington!

    The quilt is gorgeous. I love the colors and the juxtaposition of the whole squares against the strips. But how did you get everything cut and arranged so quickly? I'm so slow...

    K x

  9. I love the new quilt. It is perfect for a boy. Lovely fabrics too. It really looks like a fun quilt to work on. And speaking of snow...we have a ton here too. Can't wait for spring.


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