Friday, 15 January 2010

Which font are you...

As it's Friday, I'm going to share a lovely little time-waster I found over at How About Orange.  Here's the link.  The password is character.  Don't forget to turn your volume up!

My type was Archer Hairline... which it's said is a modern typeface with a straighforward appearence but with tiny outbursts of elegance and little dots of emotion.  I like it!

Are you like me and love fonts?  I always have.  When I was at college studying display, design and graphics (many moons ago...), my favourite class was lettering.  We had no computers back then with their hundreds of different fonts to choose from, we had to master hand-painting/printing/writing signs and ticketing for displays.  In my first year we had to paint the Roman alphabet, true to proportion and with all the curves accurately drawn and then painted. 

I can remember having an ink compass that I filled with ink (or paint) to get the curves perfect.

The straight lines had to be perfect too and all the serifs of the same angle.

All the lettering for each scheme had to be carefully chosen and presented with examples on our design boards.  I used to spend hours with my head in the Letraset book!

I used to do a bit of freelance sign-writing for our local pubs and bars too...

Well, that was a little trip down memory lane for me!  I'll finish up (because it's Friday) with one of my favourite jokes...

Three fonts walk into a bar...the barman takes one look at them and says 'we don't serve your type in here!'

Boom, boom!

I'm off for the weekend but have some scheduled posts ready to go so my month of daily blogging goes uninterrupted.  I hope that's not cheating...

Have a good one!


  1. I didn't like the font I was given so I'm going to have another go! How interesting to know that you did a bit of sign writing a few years back! x

  2. I didn't like mine either Simone. I guess my taste in type is much more buttoned up than my character!

    Useful skill to have though - I have to do our displays at work, but it's just in my handwriting, sadly.

  3. Perpetua Titling Light...


  4. I love fonts too. I just wish we had more of a choice on our blogs since they do display one's personality so well.
    By the way I ended up as
    Lettres Ornees which is perfect for me since with my husband, I am an Old West storyteller! We tell tales of Wagon trains and the California Gold Rush!


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