Sunday, 17 January 2010

These are a few of my favourite tins...

Since the arrival of my shiny new toy, I am collecting a lovely little stash of one of my favourite tins.

All sorts of things are going to be given new coffee-ish homes...

I don't know what it is about tins that I find so appealling.  I've had this lovely red tin for about 10 years...

...I love the label. 

I bought it at Pisa airport on the way home from a wonderful Tuscan holiday.

It holds my corks (another thing I don't seem to be able to throw away!). When it gets full, Jasmine has them to take into school. I wonder what her teacher's think of her wine-loving aunt...

More recently, I bought another, this time in green.  Just for the tin... but the biscuits were delicious too!

I bought these tins of tomatoes especially to grow basil in, after I saw Jamie Oliver growing his herbs in tins - they look great on my windowsill in the summer.

Unsurprisingly, I then got tin envy when I spotted Nigella's little tin of smoked paprika and searched for ages so I could have one too!  I know, it's sad! 


  1. I feel the same way about golden syrup tins!

  2. I've got a thing about tins too and have quite a collection, including golden syrup and treacle tins!

  3. Not sad at all! I have my Sharpies in a golden syrup tin. And the Illy tins are terrible useful too! K x

  4. I love tins as well - my boss gave me some old tea ones and I love them, got a bunch of dried lavender in there

  5. Snap! I also have an unhealthy fondness for tins.....

  6. Oh I share your love of every one fo these - they're beautiful! I'm excited to see your tomatoes later in the year - I bought two enormous empty olive tins for the same purpose from the local deli. I paid the princely sum of £2.


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