Sunday, 31 January 2010


So here we are at the end of January and I have managed a post a day for 30 days (didn't manage it on New Years Day!).

I've really enjoyed doing so because as much as I fight it, I do like a routine!

It's been a month of new things: new quilts (I'm obsessed!), new yarn, new structure to my days, new ways of eating in an effort to lose a bit of weight and get fitter.  My morning walks have taken on an almost meditative effect and have given me a new energy to my day.  Pippin is an, ahem, enthusiastic walker so there is no slacking when he takes me out!  I am trying to cut out sugar but not change my diet too much as I eat pretty healthily anyway.  I have switched to sweetener and try to stay away from the biscuit jar and it seems to be working...  I have a hospital appointment next Monday to see how my thyroid is functioning now there is only half of it left.  That could, of course, be a reason as to why I have gained some weight in the last couple of months.

I also started the year with the challenge to myself to do the 365project over at Flickr.  So far so good and here is my mosaic for January.

Thank you for all your lovely comments on my posts - they really do make my day and have given me the momentum to keep it going. 

As a little thankyou, come back tomorrow as I'm going to have a giveaway to celebrate my first NaBloPoMo!


  1. Well done Tracy! It's been a joy and inspiration popping by here all month!

  2. You've made a lovely mosaic!

    I hope everything works out well with your thyroid.

  3. A whole month of daily posts - well done you! I've been looking forward to seeing your gorgeous pictures and reading what you've been up to.

    Hope all goes well with the thyroid checks ...

  4. Hooray on NaBloPoMo! And on keeping up with 365!

  5. well done on a whole month - and the 365 mosiac is lovely. x

  6. Wonderful Mosaic of your January photos!

  7. It's been lovely to read so much of you this month. I too am on a trying to cut out biscuits kick! Your mosaic is gorgeous.


  8. It's been lovely to come and read every day too!

  9. Have been so impressed with your post a day! K x


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