Thursday, 28 January 2010

Fabric love...

I still can't get enough of the red and aqua combination.  I still love this quilt.  Really love it!


It seems that whenever I go looking for fabric, there is more of this fab combination to tempt me into buying more.  I love the starling fabric in the above photo.


I am virtually delirious about this hummingbird fabric!  I probably should have ironed it before I took a photo...  I experience an astonishing amount of joy looking at these new fabrics as they get delivered.


I have come back home after spending the day doing countless journeys between my house and my Mum and Dad's with all their things ready for them to come and stay tomorrow.  My feet and legs are killing me from going up and down the stairs!  I cooked us all a homely roast chicken for dinner - we were all ravenous and now they have gone back to spend their last night in their home of the last 32 years and I am going to put my feet up and relax into some meditative sewing.


  1. More wonderful fabrics! And you're so right about the red and aqua combination. Sounds like you definitely deserve some quiet sewing time tonight... K x

  2. I love the starling fabric! Make the most of your last night of peace!!! x

  3. I rather like the hummingbirds too!

  4. I love all your fabric choices. And I adore hummingbirds! I peeked at your red and aqua quilt again and it is absolutely stunning!


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