Friday, 29 January 2010


Today we said farewell to No19. 

The house my parents renovated completely having been bought for the princely sum of £23,000 in 1977.  

The house that was kept with many period features in spite of being extended to accommodate a growing family of three girls and subsequent grandchildren.

The house that was filled with unusual furniture,  mainly old and mainly found in Camden Market on Sunday mornings.  It was our family outing every Sunday - up early, bacon in pitta from one of the numerous food stalls and then a leisurely browse through the market picking up bits and pieces for the house.

The house that was a meeting place for all our friends and the venue for many parties and get-togethers.

The house that I got married from, having had my photograph taken in the back garden that was my Mum's pride and joy - all that garden knowledge passed down from her to me over the years.  The garden centre is probably our favourite place to go together.

The house that was filled with memoribilia and all sorts of natural history - where I inherited my love of nature and the natural world from my Dad.  I'm happy to say that a lot of his collection now resides under my roof.  And of course, this!

The house that was our family home for over three decades.

The house where I had this sign on my bedroom door as a teenager and remained there until yesterday, when I insisted that it belonged to my parents and therefore should be taken off and put with all their other belongings on the removal lorry.

As we left this afternoon, it suddenly became apparent that the home we had loved was now safely packed in pallets on two removal vans the size of double-decker buses ready to make the new house their new home.

There is some serious work to be done first though...


  1. That must have been so very hard. My parents moved from our family home in the 90s after 30 years - and interestingly the house they moved to was just a slightly smaller version of the one they were leaving behind!

  2. I cried so much when we left our house that my hubby and I first lived in together but I love this house so much now. Its nice the house had so many good memories and you will always have them.

  3. I'm glad the packing up went well. take care, and don't forget - wine helps x

  4. Oh how emotional!!! Hope the move goes ok x

  5. Tracy! I have a tear in my eye! it must be so sad for you and your parents to be leaving that lovely house full of so many lovely memories! x


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