Thursday, 7 January 2010

Today's post...

May I present my Very Own Copy of Marie Claire Idees.

I can't read or speak French but the pictures are enough to satisfy me.  I've often looked with envy at other blog posts about this magazine but have never managed to find my own copy.  So ages ago, I subscribed at Newstand and without knowing when the next issue would turn up, and sat back patiently to wait.  I do sometimes dip into the blog to hunt down patterns and with Google translater, it's brilliant.

To tell the truth, I'd sort of forgotten all about it, so today's delivery was met with a squeal of delight!


This morning I read on Sky news about a new set of special issue stamps that came out today.  There was an article about Jimmy Page launching them.  Album covers are such nostalgic images and I'm thrilled that one of my favourite albums made it into the set.


 I was surprised by the Division Bell by Pink Floyd - I think that the Dark Side of the Moon is more iconic.


 But then, who am I to say?!  This first day cover will become one of my favourites of our collection.


  1. Oh I've coveted that magazine too but never actually seen it in person. How exciting! K x

  2. Yes I too expected to see Dark Side of the Moon when I heard Pink Floyd was one of them

  3. Tracy, I'm sitting here laughing...I did read this post, and what stuck in my brain was Marie Claire Idees!!


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