Monday, 11 January 2010

One quarter...

...of Max's bento boxes are pieced together.  I like making this type of quilt where you cut then sew, press, cut the next bit, sew and so on.  Sometimes, the thought of cutting out perhaps 400 or so pieces before I start to actually join them together, blows my mind!

Once I get going, my mind relaxes and hours pass to the rhythm of piecing the blocks.

I think I may find it hard putting my rotary cutter to these lovely blocks to cut them into four as is their destiny for this quilt!

Today, I have made four complete blocks, so really more than a quarter of the quilt is made.  I'm loving this owl fabric from the next set of five.

That's my quilting quota for the day done.  This evening, I'm going to do something with yarn...


  1. What a blissful way to spend the day!

  2. I really love the fabric you have chosen, really bright and vibrant. The owls are gorgeous!

  3. I love owl prints! Love, love, love!


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