Monday, 25 January 2010

My day...

I have thoroughly enjoyed this daily posting project.  At first, I wondered if I'd have anything remotely interesting to post about or whether my ideas would run dry.  Of course, the interestingness is a matter of personal opinion and what might interest some, might not be very exciting for another.  But, it seems, I still have things that I want to say and record.  So bear with me, the end of the month is nearly here!

I have a busy week ahead of me this week.  I am working on Ali's project and as much as I'd love to show and tell what I've been doing on the crafting front, I really don't want to give too much away and spoil the surprise for my partner.  Also, my parents are moving house on Friday.  Tomorrow the removal company starts to pack away 32 years of family life into storage for a bit while they renovate (or, at least, put central heating in!) their new house.  I will have lodgers!

Anyway, back to today.  So far I have:

  • Been soaked while out on my morning 3 miles walk with Pippin.  I am walking with one of No2's friend's mum, so it is nice to have some company, especially when it is raining!
  • Read through my Google Reader items, left some comments and answered my email.
  • Followed links and found myself here.  Nursed a cup of coffee and felt very removed from real life, wishing I could do something worthwhile.
  • Ordered the backing fabric for Max's quilt from here.
  • Ordered the binding for both the boy's quilts from here.  I decided it would be nice if the binding was the same on both to link them in together.
  • Spotted some Katie Jump Rope, also here, to go with the next quilt I'm making.  It fell into my basket, I tell you.
  • Then I had to have this little bundle.  Had to.
  • I had a browse round Flickr looking for inspiration to make a denim quilt from old jeans.  Found quite a few...
  • Had previously mentioned mum round to give first sewing lesson.  She came armed with a bag of old pairs of jeans and left with instructions how to cut them into workable sized pieces of fabric without losing the interesting bits such as pockets and double stitching, ready to get quilt-making. 
  • Spent the rest of the afternoon working on afore-mentioned project.  Just one little tiny peek, ok?

  • Had left-over cottage pie from yesterday for dinner - delicious.  I swear it is better the next day after being reheated.

  • Started the hand-quilting on Harry's quilt - nice and snuggled up underneath it on the sofa!

  • Wrote this post.

Now, I'm going back under the quilt to do some more sewing.  See you tomorrow!


  1. I've enjoyed seeing you more often too! And your parents are lodging with you? Hope you've set a strict curfew and ground rules - you know how rowdy the older generation can get ;-)

  2. Very busy day! Looking forward to seeing more of the swap project soon...

    And love the gray fabrics! Even when I complain about the weather, you know how much I adore gray. And the fabric in the photo, too...

    Oh and Martha had a feature about making quilts from denim. Did you see this one already?

    K x

  3. What a busy day... and always interesting.


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