Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Look what came in the post...

Look what came in the post today!  Not one, not two but three exciting parcels, deliciously wrapped in owlishly tissue paper.  I was the lucky winner of Gina's book giveaway.

I missed my name being drawn due to the festivities of Christmas and the New Year and had to be given a gentle nudge by Gina to let me know!

I loved this little book so much and was so thrilled at the wonderful tutorial that I'd even bought the exact same paper from Paperchase in preparation for giving it a go myself.  So here it is:

Not just the book for me though, oh no - inside were lots of Gina's other goodies.  It was stuffed full!  Plus the other two pressies!  Want to see?

Take a closer look at that gorgeous little apple on the top left...

How gorgeous is that?

THANK YOU SO MUCH Gina, I love it all.  What a brilliant start to the year.


I should have taken heed of the red sky this morning, you know, the one that is a shepherd's warning? 

Having got totally distracted by a goldfinch flying across my path while I was out walking Pippin this morning, I slipped right over on a huge patch of ice on the footpath through the allotments and fell badly on my knees...



  1. Ow, poor knees. I bashed mine on the shoe rack this morning, doh.

    Gina certainly does know how to pack a fabby parcel, doesn't she?

  2. I'm sorry about your knees - eek. Did you put Mr Bump plasters on them? I would have been distracted by the goldfinch too. In fact, I saw one in my friend's garden today and forgot to carry on doling out the pasta to four clamouring tots. They were not impressed.

    That felted apple is absolutely beautiful. Lucky lucky you


  3. Happy New Year to You, Tracy! May it be all you can wish for and more. Lucky you winning Gina's gorgeous goodies. And talking of gorgeous goodies, I'm not surprised all those beautiful presents you made went down a treat.

    Hope your knees aren't too black and blue.

  4. That Gina's a clever one! And poor knees - I don't know about you, but I find it very oddly upsetting, falling over as an adult. Doubly odd given that I hardly minded at all as a child.

    My verification word is nesto - I'd take that as a goldfinch apology.

  5. Oh dear. I hope your knees have recovered. I agree with Ali--while I never really minded falling over as a child, I get quite upset now as an adult!

    And the felted apple is simply gorgeous.

    K x

  6. Hope your knees are okay? Pleased you liked your parcel :)

  7. Oh my - if I had fallen like that you would have heard me cursing from England.

    Now - let's talk contra deals - a surprise print from me once a month for a year ?

  8. Hopefully you didn’t hurt yourself too much! What a beautiful sky! I don’t get to see the sun rise or set these days, I’m usually at my desk at those times!!

    What lovely presents, you’re so lucky!! x


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