Thursday, 14 January 2010


Here's a weather update for all you hungry-for-weather-updates Brits.  It's raining!  I'm going to get soaked because I've got to walk to the station in a little while.

I have enjoyed the last week of white stuff.  I shall miss these chicken-y footprints in the garden:

And these more delicate birdie ones...

...even when they are stomped on by big brown paws!

My new walking boots leave a most impressive print...

...they have been a godsend xxx


  1. It's been chucking it down here all day. Pretty grim. It made the pavements skiddy this morning but they're clear now - unless you try very hard to find slidy bits :-)

  2. We have so many little footprints on our allotment--loads of foxes and birds, but sadly no chickens (maybe just as well with all the fox prints).

    Was so sorry to miss our meetup today. Those darn trains! But now really looking forward to next week...

    K x

  3. I've enjoyed looking at all the different footprints in the snow too. I am glad for the rain today though. It makes a pleasant change!!! x


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