Wednesday, 27 January 2010


That's the noise I made when I opened up my Amazon box on delivery this afternoon!  It was followed by some more... and some more...

I ordered these books two weeks ago and have found Amazon to be unusually slow in delivering them for some reason.  Especially considering they were all in stock.

I've had such a busy day today I've only been able to glance through Amigurumi Two! briefly, but I liked what I saw. 

How impossibly cute are these peas nestled in a pod?  Knowing where to start is going to be a tough one.  I want to make one of everything.

And look at this amazing mobile.  I have a christening to go to in a couple of weeks - do you think it would make a good gift?

And, DottyCookie, look at these!  They definitely need  to be made.  Like now.  Like more than one!

I think I need to get this week done and dusted before I start on these books.  I wonder if I have the will-power to let them be until the weekend...


  1. my sister has been Amigurumi-ing ... way above my head... still on the grannies me... have fun with your new treats x

  2. Oh I just love books, getting them through the post is like getting a pressie!

  3. Oh, now you know I can't resist a red and white mushroom - gorgeous!

  4. Now that is a delivery worth waiting for. The peas! Crochet the peas!

  5. Oh I am so so envious! Must start crochet lessons very soon... K x

  6. You should definitely start with the peas!

  7. I do sometimes take Material Obssession to bed with me, just to gaze at the beautiful quilts inside. So very good.

    And the two embroidery ones are on my wishlist, so I'd be interested to hear what you think of them.

    Happy reading, stitching and crocheting!

  8. Just love those peas... how cute are they!

  9. Oh.My.Goodness.!!!!! So cute!!


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