Friday, 22 January 2010

A sneaky peek...

A short but sweet post today, offering a tiny glimpse of my current medium for a project I'm working on. 

My parents finally exchanged contracts today on their house move so I have been helping out with all sorts for them as they are completing in ONE WEEK!  There is some serious packing to be done!  My head is banging.  I think a glass of wine is in order...


  1. Well, it is Friday.

    I nned to get moving on the 7 days of specialness. This weekend ...

  2. wine is very useful when packing I found xxxx

  3. Looks interesting...

    And isn't it much easier to be ruthless about tossing stuff when it belongs to somebody else? I secretly rather love packing, it's the unpacking I can't stand! Hope all goes smoothly with their move.

  4. Cheers! Enjoy your weekend.

  5. Ooh that yarn looks scrumptious!!

  6. I hope your parents move all goes to plan! The wool is a beautiful vibrant cheering shade! Have a lovely weekend and enjoy your wine. x


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