Saturday, 19 January 2008

I did it, I did it...

Woohoo! I did it! I got onto my course. I had an email offering me an unconditional place. I have to admit, my knees went slightly wobbly on reading it.

So, 28th September 2008 marks the beginning of something new.

My blue hyacinths came out in celebration and are filling the whole of my downstairs with their heady scent. I keep taking deep breaths...

I've been on a little shopping excursion today. I went to Liberty to buy some fabric for my first venture into quilting. The selection there is amazing, it was hard to know when to stop. Buttons for the back of my diamond cushion were next on the list. I'll sew them on later and hopefully get a good photo of the finished cushion tomorrow. We had a pot of tea and macaroons in Tea. Delicious...
Next stop was John Lewis in Oxford Street to buy some wool for some other projects. Liberty had a great selection of Rowan yarns, but don't stock Debbie Bliss yarns, so I decided to buy it all in JL. Have you seen these cute knitted Easter Eggs over at Little Cotton Rabbits? Needless to say, they are now on my list and there's even a free pattern.
Then we had a stroll up Marylebone High Street and finished off with a late lunch in Eat and Two Veg - a great vegetarian diner. Not that I'm vegetarian, but the food is also delicious...
It was good to get back on the bus for a sit down, my feet were killing me.
Now the big question is what to start first?


  1. Wow - well done!! What a fantastic piece of news. And it sounds like you had a great day as well. Does the course start in September?

  2. YAY!! How wonderful!
    (we had NO doubt that you would!)

  3. We knew you'd do it! Congratulations - news like that deserves a good splurge.

    And I can't wait to see what quilt fabrics you chose.

  4. Congratulations on getting on to the course! How exciting. I hope you will blog your way through it.

    As for Liberty and John Lewis for the yarn - my mouth waters at the prospect of what you might have bought!

    Take care. x

  5. Cogratulations on your news I'm really in oar of anyone that wants to go back to studying!

  6. Congratulations, that is wonderful news! I LOVE Liberty...

  7. YAY YOU!! well done, fab news!! I imagine there is great excitement all round. Yay!

  8. Congrats!! Well done you! I hope you will share more here as you go along. :o) That veggie restaurant sounds super--wish we had something like that where we are. Happy week ((HUGS))

  9. congratulations, what great news, and sounds like a great day out to celebrate!
    thanks for your comment on my blog, it's always nice when someone delurks for the first time, and nice to find your blog to visit too. x

  10. Congrats! I'm having a Liberty and JL splurge next Monday after going to Collect at the V+A!

  11. Congratulations! Wonderful news - never in doubt!!

  12. sending HUGE congrats xxxxxxxx
    so very pleased for you
    glad you celebrated in style x
    t x


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