Thursday 25 February 2010


I'm not used to working to a deadline anymore.  I have tried really hard not to let it stress me out too much.

Tomorrow evening, I have a table at a fund-raising evening in Warwickshire, with my friend.  A table to try and sell some things I have been making.

I had grand plans to have a really good assortment of items to sell but my time has been taken up with goodness knows what.  So, I am taking along a few bits of crochet and some fabric-y bits that I have made out of all the scrap materials from my quilt-making.  I have tried to photograph it as I go, but to be honest, the light is so dull it's been hard to capture the colours.

Perhaps tomorrow I can get some better pictures...  Perhaps, I'll even sell something!


I am going to do some more training tonight at Helen House.  Things have been moving forward in this area for me lately and when I get a chance I will post about some things that I am now involved in.  As ever, I have many balls in the air.  Hopefully next week, I can get myself more organised and finish some projects that have had to sit on the back burner for a while. 


  1. Oooh good luck with the stall - I'm sure you'll do brilliantly! Lucy x

    Especially as my word verification today is "luckst"!!!!!

  2. hope the training goes well for you. and I'm sure your sale will be a huge success, your things are lovely xoxo

  3. I hope you manage to keep all your balls juggling!!! Good luck with selling your lovely items and lets hope people are not shy about getting out their money and spending! x

  4. Good luck with the stall! I'm doing my first one next week and I seem to have had the same lack of progress on the making front as you have ;-) I've started to have nightmares about pricing and bagging and - argh!

    Hope the training goes brilliantly.

  5. I know your table will be a huge success!

    And as always very impressed with everything you're doing. Wish I were doing such a good job of juggling things here!

    K x

  6. sounds like you've been really busy. I hope you enjoy the sale and do well from it. Will be looking forward to hearing more about your Helen House involvement.

  7. Good luck selling... I'm sure you;ll be fine. Love to hear more about how things are progressing with Helen House. And think the quilt in below post is wonderful - so vibrant. Has only just showed up in my bloglines (do other people have posts, then several at once?).

  8. That's great news about the stall. I am sure you'll sell everything.

  9. I'm sure you'll do really well at your stall. Good luck!

  10. Good luck with the sale, I'm sure you'll sell more than one something! x


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